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To start web hosting business, signup with Top Reseller Hosting Providers plan. They would provide Reseller Hosting services account. It enables you to rent out portions of allotted bandwidth and disk space to other end users to host their websites.

The Best reseller hosting services companies are those that offer clients features that are best placed for reseller hosting. The companies that are on this list have been researched and seen to offer their clients such like features.

Like all businesses, web hosting also needs your sincerity, dedication, motivation and time devotion.

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The Top Reseller Hosting Providers

Build your hosting business with Top Reseller Hosting Providers

InMotionhosting – Top Reseller Hosting Providers

The reseller hosting provider is known for their Industry leading U.S. based support. The company is providing the web hosting on the Linux and UNIX platforms which are monitored24/7, fast, reliable,  and secure.The Company provides FREE SSDs, 80GB of disk space, and 800GB of bandwidth and 90 days Money Back Guarantee if a customer is not satisfied.InMotion Hosting is working with famous brands like Google, Yahoo, Dell, Intel, Bing, Cisco C-Panel, Centos, Twitter etc. The company has been awarded for best hosting services screened by magazines and websites.

JustHost – Top Reseller Hosting Providers

It is next in the list of the best reseller hosting services providers. The company has features that include an unlimited amount capacity among others. It also offers clients an unlimited number of sub domains and hosted domains, unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts and MYSQL databases. There are several free features that clients enjoy by hosting at justhost. com hosting such as having an unlimited number of c Panel accounts that a client can hold, free WHM Admin control panel, templates for websites, private name servers, Site builder software and  automated billing systems also come free of charge.

GreenGeeks – Top Reseller Hosting Providers

Green Geeks is the last company on the list of the best reseller hosting providers in the world. The company offers green hosting services that comes with various features for instance, a control panel that is easy to use, flexible and more so very fast and brandable thus reliable. Clients are further entitled to an unlimited amount of bandwidth and web space, e-mail addresses, addons and sub domains. A web host manager is also available for clients along with an up-time of 99.9%. The company also does not expect clients to make any kind of commitments and even offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case dissatisfied with services along with private name servers.

Blue Host – Top Reseller Hosting Providers

The other leader in offering reseller hosting services to clients is the Blue Host Web Hosting Company. Clients of the company get features like the ability to use private name servers, access to a free billing system, ability to use multiple languages and much more. The company furthermore offers their clients free protection from Spam, free simple scripts and a web site builder that comes free of charge. The company ensures that all these features are included to ensure that clients get the best reseller services available.

Cirtex hosting

Another leading hosting company in offering reseller hosting services all over the world is the Cirtex hosting company. The best reseller features that the Cirtex web hosting company offers clients are a control panel which comes with a free  demonstration, an up time of 99.9%, that is guaranteed by the company, protection of  all clients' data and information along with instant back ups. Clients are further more allowed to oversell and are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee, round the clock support, both technical and customer care. The company also doesn't charge clients any hidden fees or expect them to make any commitments by signing any kind of contracts.

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