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Latest News And Hosting Review Shopify E-Commerce Hosting

shopifyA fully customized online store hosting e-commerce sites at its best with ultimate support. It is a good option for starters as it assist them in starting their own web store from scratch. It allows clients to set up an online store as per their requirement, organize products and services, modify the look and feel of a storefront, track orders, accepting the payment via credit cards and others. It is supporting more than 45 currencies and present in more than 60 countries.

Shopify Introduction

Shopify Inc is an e-commerce services provider established in 2006 as a company selling snowboarding equipment. The company has steadily grown over the years, and today it is among the leading e-commerce platforms used in North America and even throughout the world. Rated as among the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the industry.

Shopify Reputation

Shopify Inc is a highly reputed in the e-commerce hosting scene as a provider of reliable, high quality and efficient online business solutions. It is among the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the industry and provides excellent and dependable customers support. Shopify also is known for making it easy for customers to accept payments, thanks to the Shopify POS software quickly.

Shopify Features

It offers a broad range of e-commerce features for clients. These include web hosting, storefront, a domain name, shopping cart, store management, mobile app, mobile commerce, a point of sale software, e-mail marketing, analytics, marketing and SEO solutions. Other features include an online store builder, website editor, e-commerce software, blogging platform, web-based website builder, 70 payment gateways and a free SSL certificate.

Features of the point of sale software include:

Store management, Customer management, Product organization, Variations, Apps and Plugins, Inventory management, Unlimited products, Product reports, Retail reports, Dashboard.

Barcode scanner and printer, point of sale kits, works with your iPhone/iPad, free credit card reader, open hardware and shipping returns, and export reports among many others.

Shopify Hosting Plans

It offers solutions for small business, medium enterprises, and big business. It operates two main hosting plans: the Shopify Lite plan and the Shopify Plus plan. The Shopify Lite plan allows customers to sell their products and services on Facebook, use Buy Button and accept credit card payments for as little as $9 per month. The Shopify Plus plan, on the other hand, is built to provide enterprise grade e-commerce services for large business and high volume merchants. Customers can choose basic Shopify which has all the tools needed to start a new business or Shopify which caters to the needs of a growing business for just $79. Advanced Shopify, on the other hand, comes with all the needed tools and features to scale your business for as little as $299 per month. All the plans come with staff accounts, unlimited file storage, unlimited products, fraud analysis, discount codes, manual order creation, a 14-day free trial, gift cards, real-time carrier shipping, advanced report builder, professional reports, abandoned cart recovery and a free SSL certificate.

Shopify Ways to Sell offers customers various ways to sell their products online. Some of the methods include: Facebook messenger, online store, Shopify POS, enterprise, Facebook shop, Twitter Buy Now, Retail Package, Buy Button and Pinterest Buyable Pins. Customers and safely accepts payments made via Android Pay, credit cards and Apple Pay with the Shopify, card reader. Shopify offers credit card rates from as low as 2.4% regardless of how much sales you make.

Shopify Customer Service

The client support team at Shopify is highly dedicated and is available 24/ seven via email, live chat, and phone on 1-888-488-3465 for consultations. Customers can also reach the company on social media via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, snap chat, Google+ and LinkedIn for more information. Shopify also provides forums, user guides, the FAQs section, Shopify experts and video tutorials through which customers can know more about Shopify e-commerce in general.

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