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Ananova lists hosting providers offering the best Managed VPS hosting solution providers. They are reliable, secure, and lightning-fast, with 100% SSD VPS and backed by 24/7 support.

Managed VPS Hosting Features

Company Price Specification Visit
$29.99/month 4GB RAM,
75 GB Disk space,
4 TB Bandwidth,
Free SSL
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$39.00/month 2GB RAM,
40GB SSD Disk space,
10 TB Bandwidth
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$29.99/month 6GB RAM,
80GB SSD Disk space,
2Tb Bandwidth
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$24.00/month 8GB RAM,
120GB SSD Disk space,
4TB Bandwidth
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$20.00/month 4GB RAM,
50GB Raid 10 Disk space,
450GB Bandwidth
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* Price may vary depending on market

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