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What is Adult Webhosting?

Adult Webhosting is very similar to normal Webhosting, where a Dedicated or Shared Hosting option is Available where WebMaster gets a Web Space/Server to Host The Domain. The Only Difference is that An Adult Webhosting Webmaster can Host Adult or Porn Data in the form of Images, pornographic videos, Animations and Written Content in the form of Blogs, Pages other Options Available.

An adult website hosting company should diligently monitor any site's content for its protection. Those sites featuring bestiality, rape, incest, or child pornography are strictly prohibited and could be a ticket to court. Because of all the legwork and hassle required to check up on all adult websites they host, some opt out of hosting this type of content altogether.

What Makes A Site “Adult?

If a site is strictly softcore porn, you are likely ok. These could be images of women in lingerie, topless, or participating in simulated sex. When you introduce ideas of actual sex and pictures of naked women and men with their nether region on display for all to see, it crosses over to hardcore.

Adult Hosting Sites

Ever wonder which country hosts the most porn? How about which state in the US features the most adult hosting sites? In case you did, a company has compiled this data just for you!

And it's ironic: the company that compiled this data, MetaCert, offers Internet users various tools to keep children from viewing inappropriate online content. So, who made the list? Let's take a look.

Top Adult Hosting Sites Countries

When it comes to countries, America is by far the winner: 60% of the world's porn is hosted in the good old USA. That's 428 million adult hosting pages! The Netherlands comes in at number two (26%, 187 million pages), with the UK at number three with 7%, 52 million pages.

How about the bottom of the list? Poland hosts a mere 505,000 pages. Wondering how other countries stack up? Here's a breakdown of the top 20:

Top Adult Hosting Sites States

So, of those 428 million US adult hosting sites, what states host the most? The clear winner: California, hosting 66% of all adult sites in the US, followed nowhere near closely by New York and Texas, 8%, Arizona and Illinois with 2% each, and New Jersey, Florida, and Washington with 1% each.

The least likely place to see adult hosting sites is Alaska. Only 10,363 pages of pornographic content are hosted there.

Top Porn TLDs

Again, it's not surprising that .com is the most popular TLD for porn, accounting for 82.46% of all adult hosting sites. .net is second with 7.76%, and .nl with 2.35.%.

Unrestricted adult Webhosting

If you have sexually explicit or adult content that you would like to showcase online, then the best option for you is to opt for adult Webhosting providers. This is the simplest thing to be said and understood when discussing adult domain hosting services. However, one must be aware of many trivialities they may have to deal with as they progress.

What is it?

The biggest question is what precisely an adult web hosting should be about. In simple words, it can be explained that it is no different from any other web hosting. That is correct. The difference only lies between a few points. One is that of images that an adult webmaster looks forward to, including videos. The second comes in the form of legalities that one has to be extra careful about. This means whenever you, as a customer, are trying to hire the services of a hosting provider, make it mandatory for yourself to read the fine print. This will undoubtedly help you in multiple ways and serve as a guide to creating content for the pages.

Compare and research well.

This is another crucial factor that will help finally decide which service provider to choose from a range of providers. A barrage of adult web hosting providers can confuse you; for this, you need to be well-researched. In the very first place, you need to reach out to the ones that fit your budget. Secondly, the technical aspect remains the same even with adult webmasters. As a result, you need to look into the bandwidth, disk space for storage, and uptime of a particular server. Many believe that a dedicated server is a perfect solution for all this. It gives you the privacy and adds to the flexibility.  Additionally, it can be said that this kind of server is more secure than the others. Moreover, these servers can provide you with superior maintenance options.

In this discussion, it must be mentioned that never give in to freebies as nothing comes free. Hence, beware of sites offering giveaways, as that is impossible. Be practical and compare the services of the well-known adult web hosting service providers in your budget, as already mentioned. Look for more services over fake promises. The final thing one can do is read testimonials about the providers. You can find the testimonials on the official websites of most of the providers, or you can also read through various forum posts about the same.

There is no doubt that all this will undoubtedly show you one or the way through to the best adult hosting provider. One needs to work a little with such providers to arrive at the best conclusion for adult or porn data hosting. Once you get the right provider for your services, there is no looking back without any doubts!

Adult Websites Hosting: Why Do Certain Hosting Companies Shy Away From Adult Content?

When it comes to the overall worldview of porn, you never know when your site is breaking laws in another country. Igor Shoemaker, the owner of Voyeurweb, states: “Some countries have no law at all. But I would go to prison for what I do in Germany — they don't even accept our type of age validation. They want a notarized copy of your driver's license.” How does Shoemaker deal with this? “Corporations around the world own Voyeurweb, and they are liable for it.”

This is the main reason a hosting company shies away from adult content. You never know when you violate the laws in another country, in which case you are penalized somehow through a site shutdown or fines.

Another reason sites choose not to host adult websites is that you can get in serious trouble if someone underage is caught perusing your website.

Risk Factor Involved in Adult Web Hosting?

If a Webmaster is planning to make An Adult Website, First and foremost, the Webmaster must be well-adverse with a Low as it is Strict and Strict. Hence, Before Making an Adult Website for pornographic videos and images, take an adult Webhosting service. Advice is to Think Twice.

Adult web hosting is not without its inherent risks. The law is the most significant issue before embarking on an adult hosting enterprise. Before entering the Adult web hosting business, you must know the possibilities.

Some Important Suggestions While Taking Adult Web Hosting

a)   What they promise they serve

b) Their technical staff are skilled and experienced enough to face any kind if issue and resolve it as soon as possible

Adult Hosting Providers

Adult hosting provides a platform for those customers or organizations dealing with the adult industry or pornography. It is very similar to standard web hosting as you get an option to choose either dedicated server hosting or shared server hosting. You also get web space to host the domain, bandwidth, email addresses, domains, subdomains, etc.

Please be aware not all web hosting companies can host Adult content websites; if you host your adult websites on a web hosting company that forbids adult content, they may delete your website without notifications. So before signing up for a new web hosting, you must check whether the web hosting companies can allow you to host the Adult websites.

A customer can host Adult or Porn Data in the form of images, videos, animations and written content. Suppose a customer is planning to build an adult website. In that case, the customer should keep in mind the stringent laws, and before taking the adult hosting from any service provider, the customer should read all the rules that apply to hosting an adult website. Searching for the best adult hosting company can be time-consuming.

Web Hosting Features

1.Adult Hosting Type
(Choose as per requirement)
Shared Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
VPS Hosting
Cloud Hosting
2.Customer Support24x7x365
4.LegalSupport a Website to be a Legal Adult Website
5.Server SpeedHigh connectivity Servers
6.High BandwidthFor Rich Media content in the form of Images, videos, animations and written content
7.Physical Server locationLand laws prevail.
8.PolicyThe policy does not allow any Adult Content on our servers
Potential harm to minors is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography or content perceived to be child pornography (Lolita): Any site found to host child pornography or linking to child pornography will be suspended immediately without notice. In our policy, we don't allow any adult or porn sites to be hosted on our servers.

Sexy Racy Ads

Global Pornography Business – Fastest Growing Sector and has nothing to do with prostitution.
Adorned with pictures of women in states of glamorous undress.

Interactive webcamming: Sensual, intelligent and beautiful Cam-Girls models are available live and direct via the studio or home webcam. The clients logging in from North America and Western Europe served with virtual relationships and cybersex.
These models create the sensation with heavy makeup, bright, revealing lingerie or leather clothes, and sky-high heels.

Be-aware of Adult websites

Cybercriminals use clever spyware on Porn sites to spy on all text messages and deliver their scams like a phishing email, malicious app or website that infects gadgets with malware or ransomware. The scammers trick victims into clicking the links, leading to adult games like “Virtual Girlfriend.”
The spyware displays the error message that claims to uninstall the game and runs in the background of the victim's gadget.

The Trend Micro researchers discovered nasty spyware named after former adult film actress Mia Khalifa, dubbed Maikspy, mainly targets Android and Windows users.

Laws – Adult Hosting Providers

The adult web hosting laws vary from locality to locality, which is a big problem with an internet enterprise that, by its very nature, is global. The most you, as a webmaster, can do is make every good-faith effort with your adult hosting site to stay within the confines of the law. This means avoiding content that can be considered obscene or harmful to minors.

There is a famous test for determining, according to the law, the obscenity of an adult hosting Site. According to this test, called the “Miller Test”, if your product, when taken as a whole, is considered without any artistic, literary, scientific, or cultural merit according to the mores of the local community, it is considered obscene. By including non-adult content in your adult web hosting site, you significantly reduce your risk of having an obscenity charge stick.

White Slavery Act, Mann Act, or the Travel Act

At the federal level, prostitution is not illegal, but the usage of mail or interstate commerce to promote it is a violation of the Act. If money is accepted for the promotion, then it is money laundering and is a conspiracy or unlawful activity.

Crimes Included Under FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act)

Knowingly facilitating prostitution advertisements, sex trafficking, violence involving minors, defrauding women working for Flawless Escorts and taking an unreasonable cut on their profits, the sites attract and arrange appointments of sex workers with clients.


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