Easy installation of WebCalender

To install WebCalender you need to follow proper steps and this tutorial is designed to present to you the steps that you need to follow if you want to install WebCalender on your computer.

WebCalender is a very useful application provided by fantastico. This application has some advanced tools and useful features that allow you to perform many activities. Fantastico is a reputed web hosting service provider that has been operating for many years now. This service provider gives its users a host of applications all of which are very compatible with c Panel; in addition to that, the applications are also very easy to install and have user-friendly interfaces. Fantastico lets the users gain access to its stock of scripts; these scripts help the users to install the applications within a very short period of time.

Now let us go over the steps that you will be required to follow to install Web Calendar on your computer.

1. Now when you are going through the interface of fantastico you must locate a tab that says Web Calendar; you must click on this to be taken to an installation screen.


2. On the installation screen you will have to click on the new installation.


3. After this you will be directed to yet another screen where you will have to provide a directory’s name and on the very same screen, you will have to provide a user name for the admin and password so that you can log in to the application.


4. The next step would be to provide the full name for the administrator's Username and Password.


5. At the bottom of the screen you must click on install WebCalender


6. To complete the process you must click on finish.


This brings us to the end of the tutorial and now you can log into the application and go through the features and tools that are present. You should over the various tools over and over till you have absorbed everything. You should not rush the process as you end up missing certain important things.

It is no secret that as a first-timer it may be a bit of a challenge to understand the use of the tools provided in the application. So do not get worked up if you fail to understand certain things; you can feel free to take the help of certain other tutorials to learn about the various features and their uses. Since this application has a user-friendly interface you will not have much trouble understanding the usage.

After you have managed to understand the usage of each tool of the application; you can then start configuring the features as per your purpose. So you see that this application has many benefits and can vastly improve the operations of your website. So to get the best out of the application you have to install it in the right way.

So follow the guidelines mentioned in this tutorial so that you get the installation process right.

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