Install SMF in the fastest way possible

Fantastico has been around for many years now providing users with useful applications to facilitate smooth operations relating to web hosting. SMF is a classic example of such a useful application. Now fantastico is a very reputed company and has become very popular with people all over the world.

The applications provided by the company are very easy to use. Fantastico has a good stock in scripts and these scripts make the installation process less time-consuming. The best part is that these applications are compatible with Cpanel. Now if you have spent a lot of time looking for a tutorial on how you can install SMF, well you have certainly stumbled upon the right tutorial.

This tutorial is just perfect for those people who are new to SMF. The tutorial will guide you through the installation period as it is divided into simple and systematic steps.

Now that you are reading this tutorial it can be assumed that you already know how to use the interface of fantastico.

1. In that list you will have to locate a tab that says SMF. Once you locate that tab you will have to click on it.


2. After that an installation screen will come up, on this screen you will have to click on a link that says new installation.


3. Once you are done with the above-mentioned step, you will be directed to another screen where you must mention the directory in which you want to install SMF.


4. On the same screen you will have to specify a username for the admin and you must also mention a password.


5. To start the procedure of installation you must click on install SMF.


6. To complete the installation of SMF you must click on finish.


So this brings us to the end of the tutorial and so now you can simply take the time and have a look at all the different features and tools of this application. Now you must take care to learn the application in such a way so that you absorb each aspect of the application really well. So you see that if you rush the process of learning you will miss out on a lot. As a new user you will have some trouble in figuring out the use of certain tools that are present in the application, but once you spend a little time with the application things will be better.

The good part about this application is that certain features of this application can be tweaked as per the requirements of the users. So if you need to change the settings of certain tools or feature you can go right ahead. In fact, there are various tutorials on the usage of this application and you can consult them without any problem at all.

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