The installation process of Siteframe

Siteframe is another wonderful application that is provided by Fantastico to its users. Now fantastico is a service provider that gives people reliable services in terms of web hosting. This company has been providing users with useful applications such as Siteframe and many others for years together.

The good part about the applications provided by Fantastico is that most of them are very user-friendly and are easy to install. These applications are also compatible with cPanel. Fantastico also gives you access to a script library so you can install the applications within a very short time. Now, this tutorial will teach how to install Siteframe on your computer without much trouble, all you need to do is follow some simple steps that are listed below.

The steps for installing Siteframe on your computer. Since you are going through the tutorial it can be assumed that you have quite a bit of knowledge of Fantastico.

1. So to kick start things you have to locate the Siteframe tab and click on it. Once you click on the tab you will be taken to another screen which is the installation screen for Siteframe.


2. On the installation screen you will have to click n a link called New installation.


3. After you have clicked on the new installation you will be directed to another screen where you have to provide a name for a directory in which you want the application to be installed.


4. On the very same screen you will have to provide a user name for the admin and a strong password.


5. To begin the process of installation you will have to click on install Siteframe.


6. To confirm that the installation process is complete you will need to click on finish.


This is the end of the tutorial on how you can install Siteframe. Once you are sure that you have installed the application properly on the computer, you can then start looking at the application’s interface. This application has very advanced features and useful tools so there is a lot that you can achieve with it. However, it is not advisable to rush through the entire process of learning as you can miss out on some very important aspects of the application.

In the beginning, you will face some amount of difficulty in using the application; however, once you start spending some amount of time with the application you will be able to work things out in the long run. You can consult some other tutorials to understand the usage of the application and its tools.

Once you start using this application you will realize that you have greatly benefited from it. The application also supports certain Ecommerce features which are added benefits. So to get the best out of the application you must install it properly and to do that you will have to follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial very carefully. Siteframe is indeed a wonderful application.

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