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How to install Post-Nuke

Those of you who are not familiar with Post-Nuke, well it is a wonderful application that has many different features and tools that let you do a whole lot of things. Now, this application is provided by Fantastico which is a highly reliable web hosting service provider. Fantastico has been operating for a long time now and provides the users with applications that are not only easy to install but easy to use.

All the applications are highly compatible with CPanel. Fantastico has a good stock of scripts that will let you install any application without any problems at all. Now in the past people have complained saying that they have not been able to install Post-Nuke, that is simply because they have not followed the installation process properly. For those of you who want to install this application on your computer, this tutorial is just for you.

Below are listed a series of steps that you can follow to install Post-Nuke on your computer.

1. When you are going through the interface of Fantastico you will notice a tab called Post-Nuke.

2. Once you locate this tab you will have to click on it.

3. After you have clicked on the tab you will be taken to an installation screen where you have to click on a link called New installation.

4. After you have finished the above step you will be taken to yet another screen. On this screen, you will have to mention the directory where you would like to install the application. You also have the choice of installing the application in the root directory.

5. On the same screen you have to provide a username for the admin and also a password.

6. To begin the installation you need to click on install Post-Nuke.

7. To finish the installation process you need to click on finish.

That brings us to the end of the tutorial on how to install Post-Nuke. If you have followed the steps mentioned above very carefully then you have been successful in installing the application. You can now go through the interface of the application and check out the various tools and features. There is plenty that you can do with this application so spend some time learning its usage, do not rush the learning process as you may miss out on some of the most important aspects of the application.

As a new user, you may have some difficulties in using the application but it is best to keep a cool head and stay relaxed as things will eventually go your way once you get accustomed to the application.

Once you are confident about the application you can then begin configuring the features as per your requirements. Post-Nuke is indeed a very useful application. So to get the best out of the application you must install it properly. Take the time and go through all the steps mentioned in the tutorial and you will have no trouble installing this wonderful application.

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