Tutorial on installing phpWebSite on your computer

PHP website is yet another useful application that is provided by fantastico. This application has a wide range of features and sophisticated tools. This application is very easy to use as it has a very user-friendly interface. Now fantastico is a very reliable web hosting service provider. This company has been operating for several years and has become very popular. All the applications provided by Fantastico are very compatible with cPanel.

Fantastico also gives you access to many other scripts that will help you install the applications without any problems. These scripts help you save time without any doubt. This tutorial will teach how to install phpWebSite on your computer without facing any problems at all.

So let us get straight into the tutorial on how you can install a wonderful application like phpWebSite. The tutorial is broken down into some steps which should be followed systematically to get the process right.

1. To start the process of installation you will need to locate a tab called phpWebSite on the left-hand side of the screen, once you do you have to click on the tab.


2. After that you will be instantly taken to an installation screen, where you will have to click on the new installation.


3. After that you will be taken to yet another screen where you will have to type in a directory name in which you wish to install phpWebSite.


4. On the same screen you will have to type in an administrator name and a password.


5. Once you have completed the above you have to click on install phpWebSite


6. To confirm that the installation has finished you need to click on finish.


This is the end of the tutorial. If you have followed the steps mentioned above in the correct order it means that the application has been installed very successfully. Now you can simply look around and go through the different features and tools. This application has tons of features that will let you achieve quite a bit. The best way to explore this application is to be relaxed and go through the features one by one until you have understood each feature. Do not rush through the learning process as you might miss out on some of the most important features of the application. There are separate tutorials that teach you about the various features of the application and you can feel free to consult them too.

Initially, you may find using phpWebSite a little tough but then once you spend a little time with the application you will get accustomed to it and things will work out fine.

Once you feel confident about using the application you can start configuring the application as per your requirements. Certain features of this application can be tweaked as per the user's choice and that is a huge benefit. This application also has certain features that facilitate eCommerce. So to install this application you must pay close attention to the tips.

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