How To Install phpWCMS

PhpWCMS is an extremely useful application provided by Fantastico. This application lets you do so much more with the sophisticated tools that it comes with. This particular application is very user-friendly and so even a non-technical person can handle it well.

Fantastico on the other hand is a very reliable web hosting service provider. This company has been around for years together providing some of the best applications ever developed. All the applications are very easy to handle and install.

The best part is that Fantastico lets you have access to its script-library, you can use these scripts to install the applications within a very short time and all of the applications are very much compatible with CPanel. Fantastico has already become a very popular service provider for the people.

Let us now look at the steps through which we can install phpWCMS on the computer without facing any problems. So pay attention to the steps mentioned below so that you can install phpWCMS properly.

1. You can begin the process of installation by clicking on the tab phpWCMS.


2. Soon after you do the above the installation screen for phpWCMS will show. On this screen, you will have to click on the link that says new link. You will again have to click on this link.


3. On the next screen you will have to provide a directory name in which you wish to install phpWCMS.


4. You must type the name of the administrator and a particular password.


5. On the very same page when you scroll down you will see a tab that says install phpWCMS.


6. To complete the entire process of installing phpWCMS you have to click on finish.


Once you have managed to go through the above steps smoothly it simply means that the installation of phpWCMS has been successful. Now when you are sure that the installation has taken place properly. You start by exploring the various tools and features of the application to learn how they are used. You should take sufficient time in getting familiar with the tools. Do not rush the process of learning as you may miss out on the most important aspects. You may find it difficult to use certain features in the application initially, but as you spend more and more time with the application you will gradually get used to it. After you are confident about using the application you should start configuring the application for your own requirement. The features can be tweaked to a certain extent to suit your purpose.

PhpWCMS is a very useful application that has very sophisticated tools. The application has got certain features that even support eCommerce features. You can literally get the very best out of the application provided you install it properly and for that, you must pay attention to the tutorial very well. To learn how to use the features of the software you can consult other tutorials.

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