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How to install PHPList

Installing PHPList on your computer is not a big deal provided you follow the guidelines of a well-written Tutorial. Well if you are contemplating installing this wonderful application on your computer then this is the right tutorial that you are reading. If you consult this tutorial you will be able to install PHPList on your computer without any problems.

PHPList is an application that is provided by a reliable web hosting service provider named Fantastico. Fantastico has been around for many years now providing the users with wonderful applications like PHPList. The best part about the applications provided by Fantastico is that they are very user-friendly and have sophisticated tools in them that give great results. You can use these applications in conjunction with Cpanel. Fantastico has a big stock of scripts and you can use those scripts to install the applications. In fact, you end up saving a lot of time in using these scripts.

The steps to install PHPList on your computer can be listed as follows.

1. When you are exploring the interface of fantastic you will have to locate a tab that says PHPList. Once you can locate this tab you must click on it right away.

2. After you have done the above activities you will be taken to an installation screen where you have to click on a link that says new installation.

3. Again you will be directed to yet another page. On this page, you will have to type a directory’s name in which the application is to be installed. You also have the option of letting PHPList install automatically within the root directory.

4. On the very same screen you will have to provide a name for the administrator and also a password.

5. On the bottom end of the page you will find a tab that says install PHPList you will need to click on that only after you have completed the above steps without fumbling.

6. To wrap up the entire installation process simply click on finish.

Well by now you must have understood that the installation process of PHPList is not tough at all. You simply need to follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial word for word and you will not face any problem. Now that you are sure that the application has been installed properly it's time you take a look around and check out out the features and the various tools of this application. You will have to spend a little time learning the usage of the various features to get the best out of the application, so you shouldn't rush through the learning process at all.

You will face a certain amount of trouble when you try to use this application especially if you are a new user but you should not get too worked up about it. Try to have a calm and composed approach towards the application and things will work out just fine eventually.

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