A tutorial to install PhpESP

The whole purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the correct way to install PhpESP on your computer. Now PhpESP is one application that is very useful as it is loaded with a plethora of cool tools and features that give you fantastic results. This fabulous application is provided by fantastico; now fantastic is a reputed company that provides reliable services related to web hosting. Now all the applications provided by Fantastico are very compatible with cPanel. As a user, you will have full access to use the scripts provided by fantastic to install PhpESP. These scripts reduce the time taken to install PhpESP on your computer.

Since it is assumed that you know how to operate fantastic let us get straight to the steps that you need to follow to install PhpESP on your computer.

1. So by now you are probably looking at the interface of Fantastico, so while you are at it you should locate a tab that says PhpESP. Once you have located this tab you must click on it right away.


2. After that you will be directed to a page known as the installation page on this page you will notice a link called New installation, you will be required to click this to enter the next phase of the installation process.


3. The next phase begins with you typing in the name of the directory where you would like to install the application.


4. On the same page you will also have to assign an admin name and a password.


5. Once you are done with filling in all the details above you should scroll the page and click on install PhpESP.


6. To finish the process you can click on finish.


With that, we have come to the end of the tutorial and by now you have probably even installed the application on your computer. To have a successful installation you need to follow the above-mentioned steps very carefully and in the exact order mentioned in this tutorial.

After you have installed the application, you should take a bit of time and check out the various features in the application. The application has tons of features that you can check out but at the same time, you must not rush the learning process as there

are tons of things that you can learn from the application. Once you have spent time learning the application you will feel confident and then you can start configuring the application by tweaking the settings to suit your purpose. Initially, you may face certain difficulties in using the application but then eventually things will fall into place and you will soon be able to use the application to your benefit. As a user, you will soon notice a considerable improvement in the performance of your website. PhpESP is a wonderful application so you should see to it that it is installed properly on your computer and for that, you should follow the tips given in the tutorial.

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