The easy way to install phpAdsNew

Well here is a tutorial that will teach how to install phpAdsNew on your computer without any hassle. Now for those of you who do not know anything about phpAdsNew; well phpAdsNew is an application that is provided by fantastico which is a very reliable web hosting company that provides useful applications to the users.

Fantastico has been around for many years now and has already become very popular amongst the people. The service provider has a good stock of scripts that users can use to install the applications. The scripts make the installation process less time-consuming. The applications provided by Fantastico will work well when combined with the current Cpanel that you are using.

Since you are reading this tutorial it can be assumed that you already know to use the interface of Fantastico.

1. Now when you are going through the interface of fantastico; you will notice a tab that says phpAdsNew on the left-hand side of the screen. You must click on it to initiate installation.


2. After that you will be directed to an installation screen where you will have to click on a link called new installation and again you will be taken to yet another page.


3. On this page you will have to provide the name of the directory in which you would like to install phpAdsNew. You also have the option of installing the application in the root directory.


4. You are required to provide a name for administration and you have to provide a password.


5. Once you are done with the above steps you can click on install phpAdsNew


6. To finish the entire process of phpAdsNew you must click on finish.


With that, we have come to the end of the tutorial. If you have been successful in completing the above steps properly it means that the installation was successful. Now that you have been able to install the application, you must start looking at the various features that are provided and learn their usage. Since this application has

many tools you should take the time and go through each of them carefully to absorb their usage properly. You can consult other tutorials to learn the usage of the tools provided by the application.

You may take a while to get used to this application especially if you have not used a similar application before. So if you do not get certain things right you must not lose hope, you must keep a calm and relaxed mind and continue to explore the application.

After a while when you feel that you know how to use each tool properly and when you are confident enough then you can start configuring each tool as per your requirements. You will notice a tremendous improvement in your website's performance once you have used this application over a period of time.

So to install the application successfully you must follow the tips mentioned in the tutorial in the order that is mentioned above.

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