Complete guide on how to install b2evolution

Now you may have been searching for a good tutorial that will teach you how to install b2evolution. Now many of you may not be very familiar with fantastico and how the various features work. Well to begin with Fantastico is a service provider that provides web hosting services. Now the good part is you can use an add-on called Fantastico support with the services. This add-on can be used with the current cPanel that you are using. You will also have access to a good script library that will help you install b2evolution automatically on your computer. Using these scripts can surely help you save time; people all around the globe are now using these scripts.

If you are consulting this tutorial then it is assumed that you already know how to initialize fantastico.

1. Now you have to locate a button that says b2 evolution and you must click on it.


2. After that you will be taken to the b2evolution installation page. On this page you will notice a link called new installation; click on it.


3. After that you must type a directory name in which you want to install the application.


4. You are also required to type in an admin name and password; you must also give a admin nick name.


5. After that you must scroll down and press a tab that says install b2evolution


6. You must click on finish to complete the process.


With that we have completed the installation process successfully and now you are set to start using the applications right away. However you must follow the steps in the correct order to get the installation process right. So you can get started right away.

If you have been successful in going through the above steps without fumbling at any point it means you have installed b2evolution successfully without any problems at all. Now after the installation process is done you will need to configure the application as per your requirements. After you are don configuring you can now go about going through the various tools and their uses. The tools that come with this application are very sophisticated and you can accomplish your goals very easily. This particular tutorial will be of immense help to you especially if you are a new user who is using fantastico for the very first time.

In the beginning you may feel that the application is a bit tough to use but with time you will get used to it. This application has tons of features and so you should really take your time and pay lots of attention to every single detail. Keeping a relaxed and calm approach during the learning process can surely help you absorb things much faster. When you use this application you can take full advantage of the ecommerce and open sourced shopping cart features to the fullest.

However to install b2evolution to the fullest you follow the steps very carefully; to understand this better you may consult other tutorials as well.

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