How to install Advances Poll

Well if you have to search for a tutorial on how to install Advances Poll from fantastic. Now many of you may not have heard of Fantastico or know what it does for you. Well, Fantastico is a wonderful hosting service that has a lot of benefits if used the right way. Fantastic is compatible with the current cPanel that you are using. The application has an exhaustive stock of scripts that will install the application automatically on your computer. With these scripts, you can get the work done in half the time. Users all over the world are now using this application all over the world.

If you are looking at this tutorial on how to install Advances Poll then already know how to start the fantastic application.

1. You will first need to locate the Advances Poll button and then click on it.
Advances Poll00
2. After that the Advances Poll installation screen will pop up and you will notice a link called New installation; you will need to click on this link.

Advances Poll01

  1. Then you will be required to type in the name of the directory that you want the application installed in.

Advances Poll02

  1. You will also have to provide an admin name and a password.

Advances Poll03

  1. After that, you have to scroll down and click on a button install Advances Poll

Advances Poll04

  1. After that, you will be taken to a page where you will notice a button called finish you must click on that to finish the process.

Advances Poll05

So now you have been successful in installing Advances Poll on your computer without any problems at all. so must follow the steps properly to get the process right.

After you have successfully sailed through all of the above steps without any problems at all then that means you have achieved success in installing the Advances Poll. Since the installation is done that means you have the liberty to start configuring. After you are done configuring you can then start going through the various tools and see what they do for you. This tutorial will help you immensely especially if you are new to installing Advances Poll.

At first, you will take a bit of time in getting used to this application but after a while, everything will be fine. The best way to deal with it is by keeping calm and relaxed. You should not rush the process of learning as there is plenty that you can learn. To absorb all the functions of the software, you will need to pay a lot of attention so it is better to have a steady approach towards the learning process. As a user, you will notice that how much you have benefited from installing Advances Poll. You can take full advantage of the open-sourced shopping carts and the eCommerce features.

So by now, you have understood the importance of installing Advances Poll. You may also take the time to go through other tutorials as well to get a better idea of things.

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