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Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

Just the other day, a client explained to me that he doesn't believe in marketing. Really? There are so many reasons why that's a mistake, but let's start with the most basic reason.

Adult Hosting Sites: Putting It Simply

Here's my favorite scenario:

You've just purchased an amazing WordPress website template. You hired a writer to write awesome ad copy, and you've implemented that template. You launch your site, and now you're waiting for the dollars to roll in. And waiting, And waiting, And…yeah.

You see, it's simple. Nobody will know that your site even exists unless you market it. See how that works? There are millions of website out there, and you are competing against all of them. Without marketing, you are dead in the water. See how important marketing is? It is one of those “spend money to make money” scenarios. It's more than that too.

Adult Hosting Sites: How to Market a Cheap Web Hosting Site

The tough part about marketing a cheap hosting website is that there are already thousand of sites just like yours out there. So you have to think differently. Don't use the same marketing channels that every other site is using. You have to think ahead of the curve, out of the curve – and, please, don't have anything to do with that box!

If you starting your marketing research with: “what has X company that's just like mine done,” you won't think differently. You have to think: “what can my company do that X company can't?” That's the way to go. Really, the Internet is your oyster, you just have to find a way to crack it open to get the slimy bits.

Adult Hosting Sites: Some Cheap Hosting Marketing Ideas

Where do you start? First, make sure that your packages and offers are solid. Are you offering something that's niche, secure, and amazing? Yes? Great! No? Work on that. Second, make sure your products are clearly explained on your website. Like, really clearly.

When it comes to site construction, you have to spell it out for your clients. Spell it all out. Make everything so simple and so clear that it's impossible for someone visiting your site NOT to know what to do. Third, set up those landing pages.

Adult Hosting Sites : Creating Cheap Hosting Landing Pages

You can think of a landing page like a helipad. People will visit your site from different places, right? Some may come from, say, Facebook, while others may come directly from an ad that you took out. Where those people land once they click on that link is what a landing page is all about. Landing pages should all be unique, and all be dead simple.

But, if you aren't great at marketing, don't do it yourself! Hire someone that knows how to write clearly, set up a message, and create a site or landing page to do it all for you. In the end, this is where you want to spend your dollars in order to get your feet off the ground.

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