How to view your cPanel Website stats

If you are a website owner, you sure want to inspect the number of visitors who visit your website on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. For this purpose, cPanel has quite a lot of built-in statistic information tools. cPanel comes with a number of ‘in-house’ premeditated tools that present the customers with comprehensive statistics/summary of the visitors. One can even view detailed statistical data about his/her website, such as, total number of hits, exceptional visits, visits per page and much more on an hourly basis with the help of these built-in tools that are available in the cPanel account.

Steps to view your cPanel Website stats

So as to log in to your cPanel account, just enter the website ‘URL’ and add “/cpanel” at the end of the ‘URL’. Now, you will be taken to the login screen. Here, enter your web hosting username & password to access your cPanel.

The demo presented here has assumed that the user had already logged in his cPanel. So, let's move on to the process of viewing the website stats.

1) Once you are inside the cPanel, scroll down the page to spot the “Logs” Section. Click on the “Webalizer” icon that’s given under the Logs section. You will be taken to the “Webalizer Stats”. Webalizer is a multifaceted stats program that creates a range of graphs & charts on the subject of site visitors. Webalizer is the most commonly used tool that is comprehensible. Clicking on the “Webalizer” icon will fetch a catalog of domains that are available in your cPanel. You may have one or more based on the intricacy of your website.

stats-01 cPanel Website stats

2) After this, select a specific domain and click on the Magnifying Glass icon (‘View’ icon) to the right side of the domain for which you wish to view the stats for. Now, you’ll be taken to the chief Webalizer page from where you can access ‘visitor stats’ that are divided in a number of ways. The chart given on the top is always color coded. One can view the bottom chart to understand which color represents which stat. As a rule, the principal one is the “Visits” stat that’s shaded in Yellow color. This represents the number of unique visitors who have visited your site in a specific month. Hence, one can analyze usage stats for a specific month as well.


3) On the left of the bottom table, you can find a list of the months for the previous year (2012). Each link will offer you the comprehensive stats for that particular month of the year. You can click on a specific month that you wish to view in detail. In our case, July 2012 is selected. Now, click on the “Hourly Website stats in cPanel ” link on the top. Now, you will be able to view the hourly stats for the month of July 2012. You can also use the links provided at the top to steer through the wide-ranging catalog of Website stats in cPanel. This wide-ranging list is really drawn out and contains not only statistics for the hits or Website stats in cPanel, but also the breakdowns of specific files & pages which has got the majority hits, details about the pages from which visitors have started and finished and the source of traffic for your website.




4) Now, as an alternative, you can also view the ‘Analog stats’ as opposed to using the Webalizer. To do so, go to the home page and click on the Analog stats in the Logs section. Now, you will be taken to the Analog Stats page. In essence, Analog is a quick and lightweight data that gives a simple summary of all the visitors of your website.


5) Click on ‘View’ and you will be taken to the view cPanel Website stats in cPanel sorted month wise.

6) Now, select a specific month to view its stats. In our case, July 2012 is selected. You will be immediately taken to the “Web Server Statistics” page now. One can view the usage stats in several dissimilar ways from here.

Website stats in cPanel

cPanel Website stats

7) Click on the “Daily Summary” button to view the cPanel Website stats summary on daily basis


8) One more alternative is to download the “Raw Access Logs”. To do so, go to the home page and click on the “Raw Access Logs” under the Logs section. Basically, Raw Access Logs helps you to observe the summary of visitors without providing charts, graphs or any other graphics. If you download these logs, you can scrutinize the usage data with your personal data analysis application.


9) Now, click on the domain to begin the cPanel Website stats download process. A dialog box will be opened now.


10) Click the option “Save File” and click ‘OK’ button. All done! Now, the cPanel Website stats raw data has been saved to the computer.


We have reached the end of the tutorial at this point. So, you have learn the ways to access your cPanel Website stats, and also to download the raw access logs for further study.