Webmail from Within Cpanel

So if you are looking for a tutorial to teach you to use webmail from within cPanel; read on. This tutorial will teach you through a series of simple steps of how to access webmail using cPanel. However before we get into the technical side of it all it is best to learn something about cPanel in the first place. Well to begin with cPanel happens to be a very popular software that lets users utilize very sophisticated features within the software to carryout business operations very smoothly. So you can pretty much understand that cPanel has occupied a very important part of our daily lives. Follow the guidelines given below to get the best results possible.

It is already assumed that you already know the procedure to log in to cPanel

1) First you will need to locate the icon that says Email Account. To get access to the webmail within your main account you can use this link. However we will discuss an alternative method.


2) What you can do is click on the option more.


3) After that you will find an option called Access web-mail and you will need to click on that.

webmail cPanel

4) You will need to fill in the password for the particular email account and not the password for your cPanel.

cPanel Webmail

5) You can now click on log in

webmail email

6) Now you have click on a particular option called Horde. On this particular screen you will get to see your inbox; you can even write a new message.

webmail email

webmail inbox

webmail message

7) After you are done with the web mail you can click on Log-out.

webmail cPanel

So this is where the tutorial ends, and now you know exactly how you can use web-mail from within cPanel.

So by now you can see the interface of your cPanel, so you can get started right away by going through the various settings. In fact you should about looking at the various tabs at your own pace as there are various things to learn.

Okay so the next thing you need to know is how are you going log out from the interface well that should be a breeze; try locating a log-out tab on top of the page and click on it and the job’s done. If you pay attention you will notice that this tutorial

is not tough to understand at all. You just need a decent level of patience to absorb things the right way. Another piece of advice is that try not to hurry through the learning process as you may miss out on some important aspects.

You may also take the time to look at some other tutorials that will teach you to use web-mail from within cPanel. If you are new to using this software you do not have any reason to get worried at all. this tutorial will guide you through the entire process step by step. In fact you should go through the tips in this tutorial and start using cPanel right away.