How To Use Index Manager in cPanel

Now before you start to use the index manager in cPanel you must read this tutorial that will guide you through the entire process so that you can achieve good results effortlessly. Now in case you are a new comer in with this software then you should learn certain facts about this software. cPanel is considered to be a very useful software. This software has some advanced tools that permit you to complete any activity via the internet very smoothly. This software is also used to manage the servers very well.

Now let us look at the process of how you can use the index manager in cPanel

To start things you will need to locate the index Manager icon and then you have to click on them.

After that you have to select a directory that you wish to begin with, after that you must click on Go. At this point you will see that the manager will permit you to have control over the directories present in your website. The index manager provides very high security that will not display any of the contents.

How to configure the Index manager in cPanel for clients directory There are four methods that you can choose from

1) If you go for the default system the contents on the.

Index Manager in cPanel

2) The no indexing system will not display the contents of the directory.

index Manager

3) Standard indexing will prevent the browsers to view the contents in the directories that may not contain any image file.

index Manager

4) Fancy indexing is another method that prevents the contents of the directory openly.

a) Since you do not wish the contents of the directories to be displayed openly you must choose the No indexing option.

index Manager

b) After you are done with the above option you can click on the save option.

index Manager

So you have become successful in configuring the the index manager in cPanel; once you have done this any outsider will never be able to view any of the contents within the directory. So you see that there is not much technicality that is involved here, you can configure the index directory protection for any directory that you want.

Now you can simply go back to the interface of your cPanel and you can start using all the features. Before you get too deep into the features read this tutorial well and first try to understand the function of each toll. cPanel is a wonderful software that has fantastic results provided you know how to use it well.

To exploit the software to the fullest have to absorb all of the features and for that you have to devote sufficient amount of time in looking over all the features well. It is not tough to absorb the points mentioned in the tutorial. You just need to have a lot of patience and a relaxed approach to things before you start off.

Follow the tips mentioned in the article and you should face no problems at all in using the index manager in cPanel.