How To Create Subdomain in Cpanel

If you have had no success in locating a tutorial that will help you create a subdomain in cPanel well you are certainly lucky now. As this article will serve as a tutorial to teach how you can create a subdomain in cPanel. Well for those of you may not be very familiar with cPanel; this happens to be a very useful software that has automated tools that facilitate smooth business operations via the internet. The main function of cPanel is to help manage the functioning of the servers.

So it can be assumed that you already know how to log in to cPanel without much difficulties. Okay so now let us go over the steps that will teach you to create a subdomain in cPanel.

1) To begin you have to locate an icon that says Sub Domains. Once you have located this you have to click on it.


2) After that you will be required to enter the prefix of the subdomain that you wish to create


3) You have to be sure to select domain name that you wish to associate your subdomain with. After doing this you will see that a directory name same as the subdomain prefix will appear automatically but you can change the name if you like.



4) After you feel that you are ready all you have to do is press create and your subdomain is created.


Once you have completed the last step it means that you have reached the end of the tutorial and you can create a subdomain in cPanel So now you have to simply go to the interface of the cPanel and you can begin work with the various features of the cPanel. You can start work with the emails, multiple domains and you can also configure your emails.

Logging out from the cPanel is not so tough after all; you simply have to locate the logout button on the top end of the page. The tips mentioned in the article should not be very tough to follow. In fact if you take the time and follow the tips you will not have any problems. You simply have to have a little patience in understanding the software. You should not rush with the learning process as you can learn tons during this phase. So take your time and go over things till you feel that you have absorbed every single aspect of the software properly. So try not to get worked up; try relaxing instead and the results will be great no doubt. Now you can also consult other tutorials too. However if you are a newbie to this then you should really take the time to understand the various features of the software. This tutorial is just perfect if you want to learn to create a subdomain in cPanel. To get the best results simply follow the tips in the article very closely and you should face no problems at all.