How To Park a domain in Cpanel

Learning to park a domain in cPanel is not a tough thing to do at all provided you have a good tutorial to guide you through the process. Well if you are reading this then you are in luck as this tutorial will help you understand all the aspects. Now before we forge ahead we should learn a thing or two about cPanel. cPanel is an extremely useful software that has some of the best tools that make any business operation a breeze. So as a user you will face no problem in managing all your servers.

Now let us look at the steps to park a domain in cPanel

1) Firstly you will have to locate an icon that says Parked domains and then you must click on it. This particular option is very useful when you have more than one domain for your website; this will permit people to have access to your website from any domain.

Park Domain

Park Domain

2) After that you will have to fill in the domain name that you wish to include and then finish by clicking Add Domain. However you must note that you have to configure the new domain similarly to the mother domain or you may not be able to redirect. This step will also give you the chance to see the various parked domains. You also have the options of deleting or managing the parked domains.

Park Domain

Park Domain

With this we come to the end of this particular tutorial. Now you can go back to the interface of your cPanel. Here you can have a look at the settings of the shopping carts, emails, databases or even look at the various domains. To get a grip of things properly you will need to take the time to absorb other things in the cPanel.

The tips mentioned in the article are not tough to follow at all in fact if you have a little bit of patience you can understand all the aspects properly. Things may not be easy in the beginning but then eventually it will all fall into place. So you see that it is very important that you relax to understand things in a better way. A relaxed approach will surely have better results in the long run. To get a better idea you are free to consult other tutorials as well. In case you are new to cPanel and its features

there is no reason why you should get worried; you just need to learn the things gradually and slowly you will get a hang of things. You always have this particular tutorial to learn to park a domain in cPanel. Now during the learning phase it is best if you do not rush things as you may miss out on a ton of things. To log out of the interface all you have to do is click on the log out option. Follow the guidelines given in the articles and you should have no trouble at all.

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