How To Add Mx Entry in cPanel

Now to learn the correct way of adding Mx entry in cPanel you must go through this tutorial. Now before we get into all of this you must actually learn what a cPanel is in the first place. Well the good news is that it is not complicated at all. In fact it is a software that is very easy to use. In fact this software comes with certain automated tools that help the users to carry out their business operations really quickly and without facing any technical problems. You may have understood that a cPanel is very important and that it helps to manage servers very easily.

Now let us look at the steps that will help you to add an Mx entry in cPanel

Now it can be assumed that you know how to log into cPanel.

1) Firstly you will have to locate an MX entry icon. Once you have located this icon you have to click on it. After that it is best if put the settings to custom as this will make it compatible with other servers too.


2) After the above you will need to fill in some kind of priority number to create a fresh MX record. The least priority numbers will be put in first and the highest numbers will be entered.


3) After that you may enter the fresh MX entry


4) After you have completed the above steps you will need to click on a button called Add new record.


So that is about all; at this point your new MX record is added. This is where the tutorial ends.

Now all you got to do is go back to the cPanel interface and take a look at the settings properly. You must take your own time in going through the other tabs that are present in the cPanel.

Now you must know how to log out; well that should not be so tough as all you got to do is locate a logout button on the top of the page. Well by now you may have the feeling that this tutorial is not difficult to understand at all. All you need is a good amount of patience so that you can put in some effort to try and understand the

various aspects of the cPanel. You do not have to rush the learning process, as there are things that you need to absorb well. It is always advisable that you should have a relaxed approach to things as this will prove beneficial to you in the long run.

You may also feel free to take a look at some other tutorials on you can add an Mx entry in cPanel. If you are new to all of this then you will face failure the first couple of times but then things will work out just fine. So keep your cool and follow the tips in the tutorial and you should face no problems in using the cPanel to the fullest.