How To Use Hotlink protection in Cpanel

This article will serve as a tutorial to help you understand to use Hotlink protection in cPanel. The tutorial will give you a series of easy steps that you can follow. Now before we proceed it would be better to have a bit of an introduction to cPanel. cPanel is a wonderful software that is loaded with sophisticated tools that make some of the most complicated operations seem like a walk in the park. This software is basically used to manage the servers properly.

So it can be assumed that you are already logged into the cPanel interface; so now let us look at the steps to use Hotlink protection in cPanel.

1) To Kick start you need to locate the icon that says Hotlink protection icon and click on it. This will actually stop any other website from linking certain files mainly image files to your website. This feature would be good for you if you have images that are under copyright or if you want to save a little bit of bandwidth. This help you hotlink all the images.


2) The second step will be when you will have to enter all the files that you are looking to protect.


3) This option is also very important if you want to permit people to type in the URL of a file that is under protection; then you will need to enable this.


4) You then have to type out a URL that you want people to redirect to if someone wants to hotlink to the images.



5) After you have taken care of the above then you must click on Submit and with this you have been successful in enabling hotlink protection.


6) In case you want to disable the hotlink protection simply click on the disable protection.


So this is the end of the tutorial and now you can use hotlink protection in cPanel without any difficulties at all.

The next most important thing that you should know is how you can logout from the interface; which is not tough at all. All you have to do is to locate a log out button on top of the page and click on it. the tips mentioned in this tutorial are not tough to follow at all; you simply have to pay close attention to them to get the best results possible. You have to be patient with things as this will give you some time understand the software and its features well. So when you are learning the software do not rush the process. In fact you should try to keep calm and go over the various features time and again to get a grasp of things.

You may also feel free to look into other tutorials as well. If you are using cPanel for the very first time then you may take a little time to get familiar with things. To get the best results it would wise to consult the tips mentioned in the article.