How To Do Email forwarding in cPanel

You will find this tutorial very helpful in learning the methds used in the setup email forwarding in cPanel. Now before we do that you should learn a little bit about cPanel and what it does. Well a cPanel is really simple; it is some fantastic software with a user friendly interface that permits users to utilize automated tools to complete their business activities very smoothly. So by now you have understood that a cPanel is very crucial when it comes to managing servers and the various factors relating to owning a website.

Now this tutorial assumes that you already know how to log on to cPanel very well.

Now we are going to learn the various methods used during the setup email forwarding in cPanel in easy steps.

1) Firstly you will need to locate the Forwarders symbol or icon.


2) This particular function will allow you to send a certain email from one address to another. This comes in handy if you have more than one email address.

3) After this you will need to perform an action called Add Forwarder


4) It is here that you have type in the email address that you want to send the message to.



5) Then right at the end you will need to click on the tab called add forwarder.



So you see that the steps are really easy to understand and that almost anyone can do it, you do not really need any technical knowledge. The email forwarder has now been configured and can be used immediately. You can always come back to this page to create more forwarders or even remove certain existing ones. With this you can also create certain domain email forwarders. This is where the tutorial comes to an end, you are now equipped with all the knowledge on the various methods used during the setup email forwarding in cPanel. Now you can access your email from the interface and start checking out your email settings. You start off by parking multiple domains and setting your emails. To have a better understanding of things you should take a lot of time in going through the various settings on your mail.

Okay now you should also learn how to log out of the email; well that should not be so tough at all. You simply have to locate logout tab on top of the page and click on it and your’e logged out. Well by now you may have understood that this tutorial is not too tough to understand at all if you pay attention to the tips given. You just have to have certain amount patience to try and understand what cPanel is .You can take your time and you do not have to rush the process. It is best to slow down things during the learning things as it will help you get a better grip on things. You are also free to consult other tutorials that will teach you the various methods used during the setup email forwarding in cPanel. In case things do not go smoothly for the first couple times do not get worried simply follow the tips in the tutorial.