How To Setup Email Filters in cPanel

If you pay attention to this tutorial you will learn the method by which you can setup email filters in cPanel. Now a lot of you may not know what a cPanel is so let us learn a little bit about cPanel first. Firstly cPanel is quite an interesting software that gives a user the liberty to utilize some very sophisticated and automated tools that will permit any user to conduct smooth business operations using the internet. cPanel is a software that is often used to manage servers and monitoring other factors related to any website.

Since you are looking at a tutorial that deals with the setup email filters in cPanel it can be assumed that you already know how to log in to the application.

1) Firstly you have you click an icon that says account level filtering

email filter

2) After you have done the above you have to now click on an option that says Create a new filter

new mail filter

3) You have to put in a name for the filter that you have created

mail filter rule

4) You also have to mention a specific rule here

email filter

5) After that you will have to go for an option that says To field contains the text which should be a name of a folder. So this particular action will make sure that the email is delivered to the above mentioned folder with a designated name.

email filter

6) Lastly you click on the tab that says create

email filter

email filter

So now you have been successful in creating a filter. From this point you now have the liberty to edit all the existing filters. This is where the tutorial ends and now you have the knowledge that will help you setup email filters in cPanel.

You can now go back to your cPanel interface and checkout the settings. In fact you should take a bit of time in studying the other tabs relating to filter feature on your cPanel. now you must know how to log out; okay this is easy you just have to keep a sharp lookout for the logout tab which should be on the top of the page. You should not have too much trouble understanding the tips mentioned in this tutorial and by

now you have also noticed that there is no technicalities involved in the whole thing just a few easy steps for you to follow. You simply need to have a cool head and a little patience. It is advisable that you do not rush the learning phase. Go over each point until you have the whole thing worked out. As a beginner you may find things to be a little complicated so do not get agitated or stressed out things will fall into place eventually. So relax and try to get a grip on things as this will surely help you in the long run. You may also feel free to look at other tutorials that teach to ways in which you can setup email filters in cPanel. So follow the tips carefully.