Fundamentally, the cPanel Disk Space Usage tool records all the directories and subdirectories available inside your home directory. This particular feature showcases how to use your disk space. Also, it can rally round in managing your disk space quota by representing files & directories that utilize huge quantities of hard disk space. In fact, you may be able to click any of the listed directories in your computer to open the related subdirectory in the ‘File Manager’ feature of cPanel. This tool permits you to have a detailed outlook of particular disk usage data about separate files & directories within the subdirectory. However, the Disk Space Usage tool of cPanel will not show the disk usage data for separate files in your home directory.

The Disk Space Usage tool of cPanel also exhibits disk space usage outlines for the following:

  1. Files that are in your home directory
  2. Files that are concealed inside the subdirectories
  3. Mailing catalogs in the Mailman
  4. Files that are not present in your home directory

Owing to the characteristics of storing all of the files by electronic means, most files takes up vaguely extra disk space than their original size. Say for instance, a file of 300 byte may take up 4 kB of genuine disk space. Consequently you may discover some inconsistencies between the Disk Space Usage feature and data in the cPanel File Manager element. The Disk space usage data in this feature does not point out the amount of space used by the directory itself. On the other hand, it just showcases the disk usage data with reference to the contents of the directory. In general, directories themselves take up an insignificant amount of disk space. Also note that the figures contained in the Disk Space Usage tool will not reveal any latest modifications that are done in you’re the disk space of your account.

Steps to use the cPanel Disk space tool:

This following demo has been presented by considering that the user had already logged in to the cPanel. So, let’s move on to the subject of how to use the Disk Space Usage tool in cPanel.

1) Click on the “Disk Space Usage” icon that’s under the Files section. You will be taken to the “Disk Usage Space” page where you can distinguish the amount of storage space (or disk space) has been used by each directory (folder) & sub-directory in your account. Also, you can find a collapsible list of directories (folders) at the bottom of the “Disk Usage Space” page.

disk-usage-00 Disk Space Usage tool

2) Click on a ‘+’ sign of any folder. In our case, the ‘+’ sign of ‘public_html’ directory is clicked. As soon as you click, the directory of ‘public_html’ will be expanded. Now, you can see all the files & folders inside the ‘public_html’ directory.


3) Now, click on the actual directory (or folder name). In our case, the ‘public_html’ is been clicked. You will be taken to the “File manager” of cPanel now. The actual contents of ‘public_html’ will be observed here.


4) Also, one can choose to arrange or sort out the directories in the “Disk Usage Space” page by specific name or disk usage. In our case, the “disk usage” option is selected.


Great!! We have arrived at the final stage of this tutorial. Now, you are aware of right ways to use cPanel Disk Space Usage tool to distinguish the exact spots where your files have been stored in your computer.