How  To Create desktop shortcuts for cPanel

At the outset, your web hosting control panel (cPanel) may appear obscure to you. For this reason, we have offered you some helpful video tutorials to ease the process learning several functional operations in cPanel. Primarily, Shortcuts will generate a speedy technique to access your cPanel interface (or) webmail by generating a shortcut. Basically, a shortcut is an exclusive ‘icon’ on your browser or your desktop that will access a preferred aspect or application in just a click of your mouse. One can set up a shortcut by holding, dragging or clicking on the links to a page of your browser or desktop toolbar. By doing so, the shortcut will be added to your desktop or toolbar automatically.

This following tutorial will show you the easy ways to create shortcuts to pages within your cPanel to add it to your desktop bookmarks and browser to make it rapid and straightforward to reach the pages that you use the most on a regular basis

Various Steps to Setup Desktop shortcuts for your cPanel

Once you have logged in to your cPanel, you can continue with the process of setting up desktop shortcuts for web hosting control panel and webmail. In reality, cPanel shortcuts are the essential links that can be added to your browser or desktop’s toolbar. This is considered to be a simple and straightforward technique to work with your cPanel. One can also set up cPanel shortcuts for accessing his/her webmail unswervingly.

This demo is presented by assuming that the user had already logged into his/her cPanel account and is ready to learn the right procedures to set up desktop shortcuts.

1) Desktop shortcuts for cPanel: After you have logged in to your cPanel, you will be taken to the home screen which bestows access to all essential cPanel functions. On the home screen, click the “Shortcuts” icon that can be found under the ‘Preferences’ category. The data enclosed within the Preferences box illustrates the features that are placed in the cPanel interface. These vital features consist of common cPanel settings and a setup wizard.

desktop shortcuts for cPanel

2) Desktop shortcuts for cPanelAs soon as you click the “Shortcuts” icon, you will be navigated to the page where you can access the shortcuts in cPanel. To be precise, you will be taken to the “Shortcuts page” where you can find a list of available shortcuts.

cPanel add shortcuts

3) Desktop shortcuts for cPanelNow, all you have to do is to just click & drag the 2 links (“Access cPanel” and “Access cPanel webmail”) that are provided in the “Access cPanel Shortcuts” page to your desktop.


4) Desktop shortcuts for cPanelAt this point, check whether you can find the two shortcuts for cPanel ‘control panel’ and ‘webmail’ on your desktop. Once you get them in your desktop, it’s just a matter of one single click on the shortcuts to access the page(s) in your browser speedily.

cpanel shortcuts

Groovy!! You are now aware of the simple procedures to set up desktop shortcuts for your cPanel. Tag along the steps given above to create shortcuts in cPanel. Remember that your cPanel or control panel is a really an authoritative tool to control several aspects of your website. So, go through all our useful video tutorials that guarantee for an unfussy use of your cPanel.