How To Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel

Well if you are looking for a way to learn to create custom error pages in cPanel, well you have definitely found the right article. This article is not just an ordinary article but a tutorial that will explain how to create custom error pages in cPanel in some very easy steps without getting too technical at any point of time. cPanel is a very useful software that has a wide plethora of features. The tools found in the software facilitate smooth business operations over the internet. The primary function of the software is to help the users manage the servers very well.

1) You have to begin by locating the icon that says Error pages, once you have located it you must click on it. Now what you should remember is that there are many ways in which you can carry out the customization but in this particular tutorial, we will go with 404 error page option.

Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel

2) Now bearing the above point in mind you will have to click the link that says 404.

custom error pages

3) This the point where you can create a custom error pages in cPanel. You can use more than one tag to add customization.

4) You can utilize the HTML tags present on your page, to match the set up of the error page that you have created.

custom error pages

5) create custom error pages in cPanel: At this point, you are ready to create your very own custom 404 page.

custom error pages

6) create custom error pages in cPanel: When you are done you need to click on save.

custom error pages

create custom error pages in cPanel: When you have managed to clear the above steps your 404 error pages have been created. You can also add your touch of customization. Well this is where the tutorial ends

Now you can simply go back to the cPanel interface and you can get started by going through all the features that are available. Now since there are so many features you should take the time to go through them properly.

Now you must know how to log out from the interface; well the good news is that it is not very difficult to do. You simply have to locate the log out tab and click on it. You may have also realized that the tips mentioned in the article are not at all very difficult to follow. You just need a bit of time to go through the details and understand what the software is all about. So when you are in the learning phase you should not rush the process as you will be able to get a grip on things a little bit better. So it is better that you should have a calmer and have a relaxed approach towards things. You may also take a look at some of the other tutorials. A tutorial is a great way of learning new aspects of a particular software. To get the best out of this software you should really follow the tips given in the tutorial and soon you will be able to master the software.