How To Create addon domain in Cpanel

If you want to create an addon domain in cPanel you will have to follow a series of steps. This article will serve as a tutorial that will guide you through the process. Before go ahead it will be better to have a little bit of introduction with this wonderful and useful software. cPanel is a very popular software that has a very user friendly interface that is loaded with advanced tools which facilitate smooth business functions. The basic function of this software is to help you manage your servers.

Now let us look at the steps that will allow you to create an add-on domain in cPanel without facing any difficulties.

1) You have to begin by location an icon named Addon domain and simply click on it. You will then be taken to a page where you can configure more than one domain for your account.


2) The second step will require you to type in a new domain name


3) After that you will have to enter a username for your domain


4) Press enter and then you will have to confirm your password by retyping it


5) You can finish off by clicking on add Domain


After the fifth step you can be assured that the addon domain has been created; now you can see a list of all the domains. With this you have reached the end of the tutorial.

So now you can go back to the interface and checkout the other settings. You can take the time to go through the tabs on the particular cPanel. Since you already know how to log in; logging out should not be very tough to do. You simply have to locate the log out tab on top of the page. The points written in this tutorial are not at all tough to follow under any circumstances, you simply have to take the time and follow the tips. During the learning phase you should not rush into things as you can learn a lot about the software that will be beneficial to you in the long run.  So you should take the time and get to know each and every aspect of the software. So it is best if you remain relaxed and try to get a grip of things as this will help you very much.

You may also feel free to consult any other tutorial, but which ever tutorial you follow you must stick to the advice that is given in the article. You do not need to get agitated if you are a new comer while using this software. You may initially find it a little difficult to use in the beginning but eventually you will get used to the whole thing within no time. Start using cPanel today without hesitation, but before you do make sure that you follow the tips written in the article very closely to get the best results  within a very short time.