How TO Change Your cPanel

cPanel, also known as the control panel is basically a graphical “web-based” control panel that lends you a hand in managing your website & hosting account rapidly and effortlessly. cPanel is essentially a website administration program that can administer diverse features of your website. cPanel offers you an absolute administration over a cosmic number of functions by reshuffling several functional processes for example:

  • Generating databases
  • Administrating website files
  • Creating autoresponders and email accounts
  • Set up software on your website

cPanel has quickly developed into the most ‘well-liked’ web hosting control panel that sprints millions of websites all over the globe. In essence, cPanel was created to bestow both website owners & server the essential control on their properties. No matter whether an user is administrating a single or 100’s of websites and/or servers, the idiot-proof “point-and-click” interface of cPanel will let the user to modify his/her web-hosting practice that best suites his/her requirements.

In this tutorial you are going to learn about the right methods to change your cPanel style.

Step-by-step instructions to change your cPanel style:

The following demo is made by assuming that the user had already logged into his/her cPanel account.

1) The moment you log into your cPanel, you will be taken to the home screen where you can find the “Preferences” box on the top.

2) In the Preferences box, there will be an icon called “Change styles”.

3) Click the “Change styles” icon.


4) Now, you will be taken to the page where you can change your cPanel style. Fundamentally, changing your cPanel style will not affect the core functionality of your cPanel. On the other hand, it just affects the “feel and appearance (look)” of cPanel. Also, with some styles it affects the association of your cPanel icons. One can select from an array of cPanel styles such as, “[root]” style, “black ice” style, “blue_lagoon” style, “business2business” style, “clocks” style, “crimson_smoke” style, “fall theme” style, “mobile” style, “monsoon” style, “motor_city” style, “servers” style and “sundaymorning” style.


5) Now, select your favorite cPanel style and click on that particular “switch style” button. For example, if you wish to change your cPanel style to “Sundaymorning” style, then, click the button that says “switch style to “sundaymorning”.

02-switch-style cPanel Style

6) Voila!!! You have successfully changed your cPanel style to “sundaymorning” style. This can be confirmed by reading the statement “Your style has been changed” on the screen.

7) In order to verify whether your cPanel style has been changed to your preferred style mode (in this case “sundaymorning”), click the home button that is on the top of the screen.

8) In the home screen, you will notice that the appearance (look) of your cpanel has been changed to “sundaymorning”.


9) Now, in an attempt to change your cPanel style back to its original style (“[root]”), you just have to repeat the whole process once more.

10) Click the “change style” icon on the preferences box.


11) Now, you will be taken to the “change styles” page where you can find an array of cPanel styles.

12) Click the button “Switch style to “[root]”.


13) Great!! Now, your cPanel style has been successfully changed to its original “[root]” style.


14) You can confirm the style change by visiting the home screen.

Awesome!! Now, you know the right procedures to change your cPanel style professionally. Follow, the steps given above to play with different style changes in your control panel.