How To Create POP email account in cPanel

To find a way to create a POP email account in cPanel may not be that easy for a novice. However it is not difficult also to get going with your POP email account. Okay some may now want to know what exactly it is on the whole before they even start operating it. Of course this may look difficult to beginners but this tutorial will make it a cake walk for you in no time at all. Read on to know more about POP email account that is located in your cPanel.

A POP or Post Office Protocol is an application which is a layer internet standard protocol. This is mainly used to retrieve usually emails from remote servers in general. Again Internet Message Access Protocol or the IMAP and POP are the most popular ways of retrieving emails these days. This is why most of the webmail service providers also make use of either of these applications.

Here are the steps to follow when you try to create a POP email account in cPanel:

1) First of all you need to log into your cPanel account.

cpanel POP Email Account

2) Then click on the icon that reads as “Email account.”

cPanel Email account

3) Clicking on this icon will take you to another page that asks for your email registration. This usually reads as only “Email” and you need to key in any name you would like to set your email id as.

Cpanel New Email

4) Below this you can see a box that advices you to key in a password. Make sure that the password is of more than five letters. Ideally speaking it is advisable that you choose an alphanumeric password.

5) The next box will prompt to type in your password again for a match.

Cpanel confirm Password

6) In addition to this you can certainly check how good is your password by clicking on the “Password Generator” button if your interface has one.

Cpanel Password ganerator

7) Right down under this box you may see what is known as the “Quota” box, which is used to put a limit on your email account. If you have a number on your mind, feel free to express it!

Cpanel Mailbox Quota

8) Finally click on the “Create Account” tab as this will create your much desired POPmail account right away.

cPanel Create Account
cPanel Email Created

9) After this you can scroll down a little only to see that you can change your password, quota, delete, or make any necessary to your email and administer it at the same time without much of a problem.

cPanel Change Email & Quota

Hence it has to be mentioned that it is certainly not that difficult to create a Pop email account in cPanel, but the problem lies with one’s expertise. Once you know it there is no need to worry at all as you will get used to it in a while. In fact the above mentioned tutorial will give you the confidence to log into your Popmail account without much of a difficulty. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it right away!

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