How To Change cPanel Password

If you want to learn the method to change your cPanel password then you should gives you the go through the tips mentioned in this tutorial. Now lets us first introduce cPanel to those you who have no idea. Well cPanel is an efficient software that gives you the benefits of using very sophisticated features that will allow the users to carry out their business activities very smoothly without any problems at all. So you see that cPanel has become a very important component in our daily activities.

1) Here are the tips that you can follow in order to change your cPanel password.

2) So by now it is assumed that you have can log into cPanel. So let’s get started.


3) Click on the icon that says Change password.

change Password

4) You must enter your current password.

cPanel Password

5) After that you also have to confirm your password by typing it again.

cPanel Password

6) After that you must click on change your password.

chage password

So that is it with this tutorial. You can now use this to create a password to login. Try setting an unusual password ; something that only you will remember.

So now you can simply go back to your cPanel interface and checkout the various features in it. You must also devote sometime in looking at some of the other tabs that are provided. The most important thing that you should know how you can log out from the interface; its not something to get worried about all you have to do is simply locate the logout tab on the top corner. So may have understood by now that this tutorial is not difficult to understand at all. You simply have to have a little bit of patience to go over certain aspects carefully. So try not to rush the learning period as you will be able to absorb things properly. You can learn all the aspects at your own pace you need not hurry through it.

At the end of it all you can take your time and look around at other tutorials for tips too. However if you are using cPanel for the very first time then you do not have to get worried as you can consult this tutorial that will guide you through the process and eventually you will learn how to use it properly and get good results within a short time. There is always a tutorial that will teach you how to use a software in the right way. cPanel is a very popular software and people all over the world use it for its simplicity and user friendly interface. In fact you can start using the software immediately after is installation process. The software facilitates almost any business operation using the internet in the fastest way possible. So now that you know this software has a lot of benefits you should start using it right away; but before you do make sure you have gone through this tutorial very well as it will help you in the long run.