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President and Co-Founder: Rob Wolpov

Establishment: 2004

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Number of Customers: 80,000+

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Godaddy SmartLine – Small Business Phone Number

More than 85% of businesses owners/managers use Smartphone for work and personal communication. Most of them keep two numbers, one for business and one for personal use.
The SmartLine adds a business number on Android and iOS smartphone. A fully integrated dedicated line for companies with a professional appearance.
Affordable: Available in two plans:

Basic: $3.99 – 100 talk minutes and 100 texts
Unlimited: $9.99, talk minutes and texts as name plan name specified. Fair usage policy up-to 2000 minutes and 2,000 texts per month.

Cloud Communications Vendor Twilio

Marketplace and a new technology early access program

Twilio's partner program ‘API-first, developer-first' where it categorizes each partner as technology partner or consulting partner. It offers two levels of partnership: Registered and Gold

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