Top WordPress Image Plugins

Top WordPress Image Plugins WordPress makes it easy to add images to any site or blog post. But, there are some WordPress image plugins that make this process even easier – and better looking. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to enhance the look of your WordPress site, these plugins are worth taking… Read More

20% Of WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable

20% Of WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable Just when you thought your WordPress blog was safe, a new string of WordPress plugin attacks happens.  Checkmarx, a security company, has just released a report stating that 12 out of the 50 most popular WordPress plugins are highly susceptible to attacks. What kinds of attacks? Namely, QL injection… Read More

Navigation Tips For Massive Sites

Navigation Tips For Massive Sites If you’re running a small mom and pop shop, a cheap hosting site and regular navigation of that site will do. For some sites, though, navigation can get tricky. Massive organizations seeking to set up many pages and complex sites will need to figure out navigation solutions to help visitors… Read More

Understanding WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes Do you know exactly how WordPress shortcodes work? They were introduced in WordPress v2.5, and allow you to do things like type ‘post_count’ to find out in an instant the number of posts you’ve written on your blog, or ‘adsense’ to display an AdSense ad. They are designed to make your blogging time… Read More

Create Your Own WordPress Plugin

Can’t find a WordPress plugin that does exactly what you are looking for? Well, why don’t you create your own? Plugins for WordPress are simply PHP scripts that change something on your cheap hosting website: from a small change in its design to more complex actions such as naming actions where emails should automatically be… Read More

Understanding WordPress Hosting Options

Best WordPress Hosting Provider Understanding WordPress Hosting Options You have set up a WordPress account with the hopes of building your website using its simple CRM. But you still need to choose a hosting provider! But which one will you go with? How do you choose the best WordPress hosting provider? First off, know that… Read More

Celebrity Website Or Fan Site: Where To Begin

Celebrity Website The MTV Movie Awards were held last night. Were you watching? Of course you were. You live, sleep, eat, and breathe movie stars and celebrities. In fact, you know so much about your favorite celebrity, you could probably be their stunt double in their day-to-day life. Have you ever thought about creating a… Read More

Reseller Web Hosting: More Than Meets The Eye

Reseller Web Hosting Looking to start a web hosting company? You’ll definitely want to do your homework and plan for the unique challenges this type of business faces. But isn’t it as simple as purchasing a reseller plan and going for it? One might think that, seeing how many reseller plans are being offered all… Read More

WordPress Hosting Sites

Top Ten Word Press Hosting Sites/Companies There are a number of hosting companies that are regarded to be the best web hosting companies when it comes to providing WordPress hosting services. This is in terms of their hosting speeds, the stability and reliability of their hosting services, performance of the hosting services that they offer.… Read More