Advanced Communications as a Service (CaaS)

About Communications as a Service (CaaS) Its advanced capabilities free modern workers from desks Features such as Live Help, Live Chat, Video Calling and conferencing, queue management, Trouble Ticket System and Slack integration Benefits –¬†Communications as a Service It creates value for businesses and growth opportunities for service providers The European region hosted Internet Protocol… Read More

4 Great Website Speed Measuring Tools

Website Speed Measuring Tools If you want to ensure that visitors to your website have a good experience, the first thing you will want to do is improve the speed at which your website loads. This is especially important now that more people are browsing websites via their mobile phone – most will abandon a… Read More

4 Things Your IT Staff Should Know About The Cloud

IT Staff Should Know About The Cloud It doesn’t matter if it’s small or large, if you have one techie or a whole swarm of IT professionals — there are certain things your IT team should know about the cloud right away (and before you put them in charge of implementation!). The cloud is often… Read More

Why Web Hosting Companies Should Remain Impartial

Web Hosting Companies Should Remain Impartial It’s a tough question: what level of responsibility do web hosting companies have for the content they are hosting? Copyright infringement and explicit content can often cross lines that lead to fines and a host of other problems, like a site shutdown. But should we be holding web hosting… Read More

IT Spring Cleaning: Top 5 Tips

Spring has sprung! In the midst of cleaning your windows and getting rid of cobwebs, save some time for trimming your IT department, IT Spring Cleaning. Cutting back IT costs can save any small business much needed cash. Here are the top five ways to spring clean the IT side of your business.¬† 1. Compare… Read More