Warner Brothers Sued For Patent Infringement

Warner Brothers Sued For Patent Infringement

You see a meme circulating on the Internet, and find the same meme on an adult hosting or share hosting website. You like the meme so much that you snag it, share it, and decide to create a video game from it. That's what happened in the case of Warner Brothers vs. the creators of Mayan Cat and Keyboard Cat.

You've probably seen either Mayan Cat or Keyboard Cat on the Internet somewhere, right? These cartoon cats tend to make the rounds relatively well. But, Warner Brothers and a gaming company based in California (5th Cell) took it one step further. They created a video game that includes the popular memes — without permission from the meme creators. That's a big no-no.

brands flood Warner BrothersWhy You Can't Steal Memes From Shared Hosting (Or Other) Sites

First of all, you have to realize that everything you see online has an original creator. That photo you shared or that popular meme you sent to hundreds of people were created by someone. So, if you're going to steal that photo or meme, you have to give that person credit — just to protect yourself.

You might not have know this. But, a company as massive as Warner Brothers has no excuse. Especially since Warner Brothers is known for finding anything that infringes on their own patents, and suing people who don't give them props. Warner Brothers is also a strong SOPA supporter, so the whole thing is terribly contradictory.

Warner Brothers: How to Legally Use Content

What if you see something that you really love on an adult hosting site or other site? What if you see something you love on Facebook or Instagram? Try to find out who the creator behind the original piece of artwork is. If you can't (and this can be hard because of sites like Pinterest), consider whether or not you really want to repost that meme.

Most people can get away with reposting something or sharing something on Facebook. What you can't get away with is creating a video game that generates thousands of dollars without giving the original artists of the game's characters a slice of the pie. Shame on you, Warner Brothers, shame on you.

Warner Brothers: Protecting Your Images

What if you want to protect your own images? I recommend using a program like PhotoShop to stamp a large watermark on the front of photos. This way, anyone who tries to repost your photo will have to deal with your watermark. But, this isn't always so easy to do with sites like Instagram. The sad truth is: if you put it on the Internet, it might be taken.

It's only when a billion dollar company like Warner Brothers turns your work into a video game without giving you credit that you can actually do something. Right now, the company is facing a lawsuit. I'll keep you posted with more details!

US Navy Cuts Back With Cheap Hosting Cloud Options

Cheap Hosting Cloud Options

Currently, the U.S. Navy is facing a $2 billion budget cut over the next five years. In order to keep thing running smoothly, the Navy has to find ways to cut back without resorting to drastic measures. One way that the Navy has found to reduce spending is by cutting back the amount of money spent on IT by looking into some cheap hosting options.

Cheap Hosting and Other Cutback Options

Cheap Hosting Cloud OptionsThe Navy has 14000 different IT systems. That means that these systems need to be cut back by 50%. It also means that no cuts can directly impact the way that the Navy protects the nation. What can be done? For one, the Navy can turn to cloud computing.

Today, the Navy released the ‘Department of the Navy Approach to Cloud Computing' memo. This memo states that the Navy is moving forward with cloud computing options. The memo also states that these options are within the government's security requirements. So, there's no need to worry about government information being leaked online. Or is there?

Cheap Hosting Cloud Options: Danger, Danger?

The Navy's move towards cloud computing proves two things. 1) that the Navy isn't afraid to save money by moving to the cloud, so companies might want to take that big scary leap. 2). The Navy is taking a slight risk here.

The Navy is joining a long line of companies and other organizations that are cutting costs by moving things to the cloud. This means that jobs will be cut. But, it also means that the Navy might be able to reach that planned budget without sacrificing elsewhere. It's far better to cut where IT is concerned than to cut actual forces, right?

Considering a Cloud Move?

If you're apprehensive about moving your company to the cloud, this recent memo issued by the Navy should help. The government trusts cloud computing and so should you. Granted, you will have to pick a secure cloud provider. You can bet that the Navy will be seeking out seriously secure providers, so keep this in mind.

It's encouraging to see the Navy moving in the cloud direction. It's not every day that the government embraces new technology, or older technology that most companies are afraid to embrace! Cloud computing is well on its way where the Navy is concerned. Your company can save a ton of money by choosing this option too. Want to cut back on spending? Turn to the cloud — or just follow in the Navy's secure footsteps.

OpenStack Issues?

OpenStack Issues

The Open-stack Foundation is warning those purporting to be Open-stack service providers that they'd better be interoperable. Otherwise, they might be in a bit of trouble. If you have cheap domain web hosting with Rack-space and it's Open-stack-powered, you might want to pay attention.

The Lowdown

openstack cloud software OpenStack IssuesThe foundation has already named two companies they're looking into false Open-stack cloud claims, Rack-space and HP. Open Stack Foundation board member and CTO of Piston Josh McKenty said, “Neither of their public clouds could be called Open-stack under current interoperability guidelines…They're basically not interoperable.”

An interoperability working group was “re-fired up” at the last Open Stack board meeting in an effort to assure cheap domain web hosting providers offering Open Stack cloud hosting pass the Open Stack test to avoid fragmentation problems.

McKenty says providers have some time to comply: “Don't expect teeth in that policy until Havana,” the next version of OpenStack.

What Makes A Service Open Stack?

Right now, in order for a cheap domain web hosting provider to offer an Open Stack cloud service, Nova and Swift must be implemented. These are the compute and storage functionalities of Open Stack. However, implementing these two functions don't totally ensure interoperability — there are no directives in place that require service providers to implement specific APIs.

McKenty is heading up a new project at OpenStack in order to improve the interoperability issue. Although the OpenStack community is supportive of the project, there has been no official vote as of yet to make it official.

What Is The New Project?

It's called Refstack, currently in development, a reference implementation of OpenStack that providers can use as a benchmark. OpenStack also plans to develop automated testing allowing providers to test the services they offer against Refstack, resulting in a compliance scorecard.

While everyone is waiting for the development of Refstack, a large number of OpenStack cloud services that are technically following the current interoperability guidelines aren't exactly easily interoperable.

“The question of interoperability is a tricky one to draw a line on,” said McKenty. If standards are low, a user could create a virtual machine and find out what the IP address is, and “every public OpenStack cloud is interoperable in that sense,” he said. If you then attempt to use third party tools like CloudEnvy, built for use with OpenStack, you might find they don't work unless you use libraries developed specifically addressing the differences in the service. The OpenStack Foundation wants to negate the need for libraries used to make OpenStack and related services play nice together.

“The reason I'm so concerned with interoperability, and this may be more of my personal passion than a rational view of the ecosystem, is I don't believe we'll have just a handful of OpenStack clouds,” said McKenty. His vision is tens of thousands of OpenStack clouds, meaning an interoperability solution is critically necessary.

OpenStack Issues: How HP And Rackspace Responded

If you rely on Rackspace to provide your cheap domain web hosting, you'll be happy to hear they plan to be completely interoperable by the end of 2013. Troy Toman, the director of cloud compute engineering for the company said in a blog post, “While we believe some variation in implementations will be inevitable, we do want to eliminate as many of these as possible to provide as much of a common OpenStack experience as we can.”

HP, on the other hand, isn't as forthcoming. They deny that they are not interoperable, saying to IT World, “HP Cloud Services adheres to OpenStack's interoperability guidelines. We are committed to OpenStack and are compatible with OpenStack APIs. In addition, we have a policy of not introducing proprietary API extensions. HP is supporting core OpenStack APIs and we have not added our own proprietary API extensions, therefore this ensures our interoperability with other OpenStack deployments.”

A company representative said the company feels it is important to “add some level of your own innovation to create products that” are distinguished from other OpenStack clouds. This representative, vice president of product marketing and cloud evangelist for HP Cloud Services Margaret Dawson, assures that HP has remained true to the APIs and code base to allow integration with other parts of the stack.

Do you rely on OpenStack cloud services from your cheap domain web hosting provider? Does this issue concern you?

Latest News and Hosting Review Hivelocity

Hosting Review Hivelocity

Hosting Review Hivelocity – Company Introduction

Hosting Review HivelocityThere are more than a few cheap website hosting options available…and more than a few of those are bad options. Every once in awhile, I come across a company that is intriguing. Mostly, this intrigue is based on what the company offers. Sometimes, though, it's a mix of client reviews and offerings. Such is the case with Hivelocity.

Services Offered: cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation services

Establishment: 2002


VP of Colocation: Rick Nicholas

Data Center: Tampa, Atlanta
CJIS, SSAE16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA certified facilities

Hosting Review Hivelocity – Customers

Target Customers:

  • customers from over 130 countries worldwide
  • Fulfills unique needs of Government and Enterprise organizations

What for Customers?

  • The company offers private connectivity from their colocation space to our public cloud, private cloud, storage, and dedicated server. It enables clients to migrate and grow in the manner that best suits them.

Latest News – Hosting Review Hivelocity

  • (September 26, 2017) Acquired IaaS provider Rack Alley to boosts Los Angeles presence. All Rack Alley employees would retain, and facilities will integrate with the company.


Hivelocity is a cloud hosting company that offers the following features:

  • Dedicated server
  • Free Migration
  • 24-Hour Customer Support
  • A Number of Package Prices
  • Excellent Client Reviews

Is this a cheap website hosting option? Well, it depends on how you look at it. For small businesses, the packages that Hivelocity offers are inexpensive. Here's a breakdown of Hivelocity package options.

Package Costs

Hivelocity offers various cheap website hosting options. Take a look:

  • Dedicated servers at $59/month
  • Cloud VM & VPS at $29/month
  • Fully Managed at $29/month
  • Colocation at $99/month

These are excellent prices for a top-notch company. It also pays to consider the costs that you have allotted towards hosting. I'm betting that these prices are well within your small business budget. Hivelocity might not offer the cheap website hosting prices that other companies offer, but you really can't compare to the level of customer service here either.

Other Things to Consider

When searching for any cheap website hosting company, it pays to remember that you get what you pay for. Sure, there are hosting companies out there that are much cheaper, but are they really reliable? Hivelocity has clients in more than 130 countries around the globe, and that's an impressive number.

Furthermore, this hosting company really offers the best of all possible options. You can set up any kind of package that you need, and you can trust that you'll always reach someone — thanks to that 24-hour support (email, phone, and other methods). I also want to point out Hivelocity's website.


The company has a reputation to providing the best pricing to its most loyal customers; ultimate goal is to create an environment that puts best customers and resellers in the best position to procure as many servers as possible. company upholds a reputation as having great uptime statistics which are indisputable. They also have feature-rich hosting solution or configuration that you wish to purchase or offer customers as a reseller, services are designed whatever solution or configuration is going to best suit of customer’s needs.


The company’s use Dell and Super Micro Hardware which is great in performance and no down time for running web sites. Company offer a guaranteed 99.99% up time. Clients more over get the data backed up on a daily basis to ensure that it is safely kept just in case of anything. The more servers purchase with Hivelocity the better pricing will receive.

Is A Cheap Website Hosting Company's Site Important?

Appearances can be deceiving, sure. But, most of the time, appearances are spot on. In the web hosting world, companies that take the time to create a great website are companies that care about your business. Everything about the Hivelocity site is accurate, clean, and user-friendly.

If you are looking for a cheap website hosting site, make sure to check out what Hivelocity has to offer. This web hosting company comes highly recommended, has all of its ducks in a row, and is a site worth looking into. If you have a small business budget and you need a reliable hosting company, the prices that Hivelocity offers are reasonable, affordable, and will be worth your money.

Customer Support/ Service

Clients of are supported and more over have access to a toll free number that they can use to reach the Technical Support Department through Live Chat, Phone and Trouble Ticket 24/7/365. New Server Order Build and Install Department gives support Monday to Saturday morning and night as needed


Companies Features:
Uptime Guarantee:
Marketing Credits:
Hosting Platform:
Linux, Windows
Money Back Guarantee:
Yes (Set your own backup times)
Auto Backups:
Order Now:
Products Offered:
Domain Registration:
Dedicated IP:
Cloud Server:
Cloud Shared Hosting:
Reseller Hosting:
Shared Hosting:
VPS Hosting:
Dedicated Server:
SSL Certificate:
Maximum Emails Per Hours:
No Limit
Spam Filters:
Live Chat:
Phone Support:
Ticket System:
Order Now:


5 Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Options

Green web hosting companies are popping up left, right, and center. As the world becomes more eco-savvy, web hosting companies want a slice of that market pie. And so, the dawn of green web hosting companies is upon us.

What Makes A Web Hosting Company Green Eco-Friendly?

Eco-Friendly-hostingWell, that is an excellent question. How the heck can a web hosting company be considered “green?” The measure by which green hosting companies are judged is how a hosting company powers up. Now, let's get onto the good stuff. Here are five different eco-friendly web hosting, green, earth-friendly, web hosting companies.

1) Eco-Friendly: Dreamhost

This shared hosting site practices all kinds of resource conservation tactics. This includes the company's purchase of Renewable Energy Credits. These are tax credits issued by the U.S. Government that can be used to install green energy methods, like solar panels.

2) Eco-Friendly: AISO

AISO is a company that generates their own power from renewable energy. This company is powered 100% by solar energy, so you can feel really good about hosting with AISO. 120 solar panels keep this company going!

3) Eco-Friendly: Green Web Host

This company goes a bit above the rest. Green Web Host offers tree-planting in the name of customers, they have solar powered offices, and they boast never using a piece of paper. If you want to go green all the way (and have a tree planted while doing it), Green Web Host is the way to go.

4) Eco-Friendly: Acorn

Acorn only offers free software for hosts, which cuts back on paper usage. This might be a small step, but it's a step in the right direction, at least!

5) Eco-Friendly: Elfon

Elfon is a company that's completely wind-powered. Instead of using solar energy, Elfon users wind energy to get its offices moving. How do you choose between wind and solar? Well, that's up to you, but you do have the option thanks to eco-friendly web hosting companies!

How These Companies Rank

Working towards saving the planet is noble. But, it's also important to choose a web hosting company that's actually good. Otherwise, what's the point of signing up for a hosting company, green or otherwise? How do these green crusaders stack up?

Dreamhost tops this list with an 85% customer approval rating. You can set up a Dreamhost account for around $5.95 too, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than most other options. Another option not listed above is GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks: In a Different Class

GreenGeeks purchases Wind Energy Credits that are put back into the system. Here's how it works: GreenGeeks purchases 3X the amount of wind energy used by their servers. So, if the GreenGeeks servers use 1X of power, 3X energy credits are purchased and put back into the grid. Incidentally, GreenGeeks has also just won the 2012 Top Web Hosting Provider for performance and value — this company is green and great!

Does Green Really Matter?

Want to hear something shocking? The web hosting industry (in 2005) used as much energy to provide power to servers as 14 power plants — that's a lot of energy! As you can see, going green when you choose a web hosting company really does matter.

Now that green web hosting is common, there are a number of different hosting companies to select from. Why go with a company that uses up a football field of power-plant-type energy when you can choose one that's completely green?