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The Five Best States for New Business Growth: Ranking List

Best States for New Business Growth

Aside from choosing between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, what do you need to consider before you launch a business? Whether online or brick and mortar, attempting to set up shop in the wrong state might hurt your chances. Really? Really. You see, some states support entrepreneurs far more than others.states imgmap New Business Growth

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has just released the 4th annual Enterprising States Report. This report includes every state, and lets entrepreneurs know which states are the most supportive startup-wise / New Business Growth. How does your state rank? Here's the list of the top five states in USA for new business.

Best States for New Business Growth: New Business State Rankings

1. Maryland. What makes Maryland so popular? This state offers both a program for young entrepreneurs and for businesses run by women. Live in Maryland? It's a great place to be if you are starting a business!

2. Colorado. Over the past few years, Colorado has become the place for tech startups / New Business Growth . A booming economy and lots of great tech jobs await you in Colorado.

3. Virginia. Not only is it home to the CIA, Virgina also has the Center for Innovative Technology. This center has been around since 1985, and it exists solely to boost the tech startup sector.

4. Utah. Science and technology are both boosted in Utah thanks to the Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative, which exists to turn university programs at the state level into businesses — an amazing idea.

5. Massachusetts. The Mass state legislature passed a bill in 2012 that provides $1 million to paid startup internships and $1 million for a unique program that provides entrepreneurs with mentors. The mentoring program also includes vital information on how to gain funding.

Best States for New Business Growth: How Does Your State Rank?

Most of the states on this list aren't nearly as impressive as the five listed above. But, you can find out how your state ranks by visiting the US Chamber of Commerce website. The site includes an interactive state map. When you click on your state, you will see stats related to the startup atmosphere within that state.

My home state, New Hampshire, ranks 34th. How about yours? Many states are also in the process of building up startup programs, injecting money into new business / New Business Growth, and helping out entrepreneurs, so your state might not have made the cut just yet. Before you move to any of the states listed above, though, be sure to check out our information on shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Why? A business can't survive today with a website, and you'll want to choose the best hosting option to go along with it.

What the Gun Debate and Hosting Have In Common

Gun Debate and Hosting

Debate Gun Debate and HostingThere is no question: in the US, the gun control debate is a hot topic. Recently, one of my state Senators, Kelly Ayotte, took a stand against a bill that would have required expanded background checks for those purchasing a gun.

In a town hall meeting, Ayotte was questioned by the daughter of Sandy Hook's principal, killed in the midst of protecting the students at the school, wondering why she doesn't support these background checks. After listening patiently and apologizing for her loss, she explained that the real issue is mental health.

Why No Background Checks?

Ayotte spoke to the concerns of her gun-owning constituents: the dreaded national registry. She said that if this bill were to pass, it would be the first step to the one thing the majority of gun owners fear: being on a list possessed by the government. Even worse: it was suggested that this list be available via virtual private server or dedicated server online in order for residents to see who around them owns a gun.

The problem with this should be obvious. Not only is it violating the privacy rights of legal gun owners, it's almost like broadcasting “Hey! I live two houses down from you, and you didn't know this before, but I own some guns! I work each and every day, so they're unattended. C'mon in and steal them!” It's like setting up a dedicated hosting or shared hosting site and net securing that site with a password. Is this really an effective way to keep guns out of criminals? Nope. It's actually the opposite.

What Do Gun Owners Think?

Those who are in favor of tighter gun control laws point to the statistics that show gun owners supporting expanded background checks. However, is this necessarily the case? Some are pointing to the wording of poll questions as answers. Questions like, “Would you support expanded background checks on gun purchases if it were to keep criminals from getting their hands on them?” Well, of course everyone would.

The fact is, the criminals aren't purchasing guns at their local sporting goods shop. They're getting them off the street illegally, and the strictest background check in the world will not solve the problem. In fact, if you look at all of the proposed amendments, not many make sense when it comes to the issue of keeping guns from getting in the wrong hands.

It all comes down to this: bad people are going to do bad things, even with laws in place. Senator Ayotte speaks to this when addressing the principal's daughter, believing that the answer to the issue lies in treating those individuals before they commit the crime in the first place. Even that isn't 100% foolproof.

Gun Debate and Hosting: Why Didn't The Bill Pass?

According to a co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Toomey, to The Mercury newspaper, “In the end it didn't pass because we're so politicized. There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it.”

While that may be true, it also could be that senators see the opposition on shared hosting social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is true that there are a handful of supporters of gun control speaking out and posting related memes, but even more of them are showing their displeasure at the idea of tighter restrictions. If so many are in favor of tighter restrictions, why aren't they coming out and saying so in the public forum?

No matter how you feel about the issue, we all want to end senseless violence, whether it is against children or grown adults. But will tightening restrictions on guns – or even worse, taking guns away altogether – solve anything? This author thinks not. As nice as it would be, you just can't solve all of the world's problems with simple laws.

How do you feel? Which side of the issue do you take, and why? Do you think this is just lawmakers overreacting to an atrocious situation?

Freedom Of The Press: Merely An Illusion?

Freedom Of The Press

“A fundamental right on its own, freedom of expression also provides the conditions for protecting and promoting all other human rights. But its exercise does not happen automatically; it requires a safe environment for dialogue, where all can speak freely and openly, without fear of reprisal.” — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova.  Freedom Of The Press

Late last week, we ran an article addressing the fact that government censorship of internet content is on the rise, as reported in Google's bi-annual Transparency Report.

This leads us to a few big questions: why? Isn't it called “freedom of the press?” Is there anyone out there trying to protect that freedom? As today marks World Press Freedom Day, we thought it would be nice to get some answers to these questions.

No matter what website you run, whether it's a dedicated server or virtual private server or shared cloud hosting, here's a little information you need to know about the risk you run at being shut down.

Freedom Of The Press: The Facts

When it comes to jobs, a journalist can be a pretty dangerous one to have. Last year alone, an estimated 70 journalists were killed on the job, and if you include other media jobs and citizen journalists, that number rises significantly, according to The Globe and Mail.

It's easy to see why this job can be so deadly. Journalists are charged with protecting the human rights of the citizens of the world, and that makes those violating these human rights terribly uncomfortable.

An example: on April 19, a death threat was discovered affixed to the human rights organization ARTICLE 19's office door. Their office is located in Mexico, one of the worst places to be a journalist in terms of personal safety. Here, these crimes often go unpunished. The death threat, as with most crimes against journalists, was made in an effort to halt their research on exposing injustices in the country.

Freedom Of The Press: IFEX

IFEX, formerly the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, is a collective of 80 organizations out of 60 countries working towards exactly that: freedom of expression in the media. This group brings to light the direct threats to the media and highlights issues affecting their freedom.

As previously mentioned, there are areas worse than others when it comes to where journalists are working. A few of the worst places: China, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Cuba.

Freedom Of The Press: Enter The Internet

With the Internet, journalists have greater power in sharing their story instantly on a worldwide platform. That is, if the country in question isn't censoring the Internet entirely.

There are countries bringing freedom back to the media, such as Myanmar's choice to allow daily newspapers to be published. One baby step at a time. Organizations and networks like IFEX are trying to fight the threats to freedom of expression on the Internet, ending them once and for all, thanks to IFEX and the campaigns they organize such as the International Day to End Impunity.

Freedom Of The Press: Censorship

However, not all governments are buying into the argument that the Internet should be a place the media can speak freely. In some areas, the behavior of the media leads to limitations on their activities. In others, politicians try to take them down (usually when there is some form of threat to their position due to the information the media is releasing.) No matter which way you cut it, there are areas that seem they will never support a truly free media.

In these countries where the internet is censored entirely, there isn't much anyone can do, whether virtual private server, shared hosting, or Linux hosting. It isn't up to the host, it's up to the government and that filter they've put in place to control what their citizens see.

How do you feel about government controlling what you can and cannot see online? Would you try to do something about it, or just accept it?

Startups: It’s All About Domain Names

Startups: It's All About Domain Names

Whether you opt for shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, or cloud hosting, none of these will matter until a domain name has been chosen. If you're thinking: “oh, that's easy!” Think again. Choosing a domain name can be costly in more ways than one.

Startups: It's All About Domain NamesSelect the wrong domain name, and you'll have a hard time competing with the company that got it right. Select the right domain name, and you could be paying up to 7 figures for that name. Startups: before you decide between dedicated server hosting or shared hosting, read through this article first!

Startups: It's All About Domain Names: What An Expert Has to Say

A recent Forbes article titled ‘Should A Startup Spend VC Funding On a Domain Name?' and written by Venture Capitalist David Teten sheds some light on the topic. “It is important to pick the right domain name early, because the penalties for switching can be severe,” Teten writes.

This penalties include changing all company office supplies to reflect the name; paying for another name (thousands); and throwing away all of that marketing and SEO work. Another cost is included as well: the cost of losing some clients.Startups: It's All About Domain Names: The Trouble With Changing a Domain Name

If you've had the same domain name for years, your clients are used to that name. A sudden change might mean a loss of clients, and no startup can afford that cost. The aforementioned article recommends choosing a domain name that's really similar to the one you wanted originally. This way, when you change names, your clients won't be overly confused.

What about spending a large chunk of your startup funds on a domain name? Since the right domain name can go for 7 figures these days, you might have to. But — and this is a big “but” – be sure that you have a market first. If you've invented a pillowcase for a bunch of bananas, you probably don't have a market. If your startup has gained a ton of press and is backed by a reputable VC, spending money for the right domain name is a wise move.

Startups: It's All About Domain Names: Selecting the Right Name

SEp analysts suggest not choosing a domain name that includes a dash. Simply because dashes confuse people. It's also best to keep that domain name as simple as possible. If you're selling carrots, aim for Or, use your company name with a “.com” after it – just make sure that company name isn't too odd or confusing.

Keep in mind that some domain names can be rented or leased temporarily. This might be one way to snag the domain name you want without scrambling for the right amount of funds. Eventually, you can purchase that name. We have a lot more written about cheap domain names here. I'd also like to know what you think. How much should you spend on a domain name?

Domain Name Hosting

Companies specialized in registering domain names, and they provide the facility to check the availability of unique domain name.

.eu domain registration policy of European Commission for organisations, businesses and individuals

To manage the technical infrastructure of .eu and its variants in other scripts EURid is appointed by EU.

  1. an undertaking having its registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, or
  2. an organisation established within the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein without prejudice to the application of national law, or
  3. a natural person resident within the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

Latest News:
UK expreses its intention to leave EU on June 23,2016.
Brexit Could Impact EU Domain Registrants, it is unclear unclear whether UK registrants will still qualify to hold their .eu domains. UK accounts over 300 thousand .eu domain registrations and is 4th biggest market