Linux Malware: Should You Be Concerned?

Linux Malware: It seems the honeymoon period for Linux without malware might be coming to an end. If you thought avoiding Windows was a safe way to avoid malware for your cheap hosting site, you are mistaken. The ‘Hand of Thief’ Trojan recently discovered has brought Linux users back to reality just a bit, making… Read More

Dropbox Used to Spread Malware

Dropbox Used to Spread Malware DNSCalc gang has targeted the New York Times in the past, and now this cyber-hacking gang has found a new way to get its point across. Breaking news this afternoon has let to this discovery: the DNSCalc Gang is using Dropbox to spread malware to unsuspecting victims. How Dropbox Is… Read More

Darkleech: Apache Malware That Spreads Rapidly Is On The Rise

Darkleech: Apache Malware It’s every webmaster’s worst nightmare: malware. But this just isn’t any malware: it is highly vicious, and has attacked an enormous number of websites that run the Apache web server. In all, over 40,000 domains have been compromised in the past nine months, according to a report put out by ESET, an… Read More

6 Ways to Protect Your E-Commerce Site

Protect Your E-Commerce Site As hackers grow more experienced, a number of ecommerce sites have come under attack. It’s never good thing when any site is attacked, but it’s even worse when it’s a site that solely exists for the sake of your business. After all, if your site goes down, you lose site traffic,… Read More

BlueHost: Crowned #1 For Linux Hosting Provider

BlueHost: Crowned #1 Looking for the top Linux hosting provider for your website? A premier portal has crowned who they feel provides the best services when it comes to features, technology, cost, speed, reliability, and tech support. After reviewing over 100 shared hosting providers priced under $10 per month and the reviews of their customers,… Read More

Watch Out, European Cyber Threats: ECSG Soon To Be On The Job

European Cyber Threats Are you the customer of a European cheap internet website hosting provider? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know you can soon rest a little easier when it comes to the safety of your data. An assortment of security firms in Europe have gotten together to create the European Cyber Security… Read More

Cheap SSL Providers

Cheap SSL Providers SSL certification is a very crucial part of any hosting company that offers e-commerce hosting services to their clients. It is for this reason that clients will look for a web host that has put security measures in place such as ssl web hosting and cheap ssl certificates. This kind of security… Read More

Security Firm Review – TheSSLStore

Company Introduction theSSLstore is part of the Rapid Web services, Llc which is an internet security firm that has its head quarters in St.Petersburg ,Florida and has several other offices in India, Turkey and Holland. The company’s main aim was to offer SSL certification to their clients thus enhancing security in the hosting industry. They… Read More

SSL Provider – Comodo Review

Comodo Review Company introduction – Comodo Review Comodo is an internet security company that can completely replace Anti viruses such as McAfee among others. The company has further partnered with SSL store to offer clients great SSL certification services to their clients from various parts of the world. Comodo goes a long way in offering internet… Read More

Hosting Review – HostingArmor

Customer Reviews of HostingArmor How it works – 1. Add your domain.  HostingArmor’s Vulnerability database is continuously updated with the latest security vulnerability profiles. 2. HostingArmor Scans Your Site. HostingArmor scans your server’s configuration and files, searching for known vulnerabilities in our database of 40,000 security exploits. 3. Receive Your Scan Reports. Your daily report… Read More

Best Security Solutions

Ananova Recognizes the best innovative solution designed to protect networks and other IT systems. Include authentication, firewalls, virtual private networks, encryption, intrusion. Based on the level of security, classified as Endpoint security and antivirus software. The Antivirus software protects an individual device, whereas endpoint security software protects the entire network as well as responsible for self-security.… Read More