Commercial Data Warehouses Review – Amazon’s Redshift

Company Overview Commercial data warehouses were something of a struggle. Massive data volumes weren’t handled with ease, and the whole thing was a relative mess. Companies have been trying to solve this problem for a long time, though few came close to providing any real solutions. Amazon has changed all of that with Redshift. What… Read More

Top Five Hosts for Your Niche Startup

Top Five Hosts Niche is such a nice word. Originally from the French, Niche literally means “an enclosure or corner.” Niche can also mean finding a place where your talents fit perfectly. Kind of like that business you just started. A startup begins with an idea, gathers momentum (and, hopefully, funding), and turns into a… Read More

News: Thousands of Amazon Accounts Are Public

Amazon Accounts Something very big happened in the cloud hosting world today. A privacy researcher by the name of Will Vandervanter was doing his job when he discovered something big: thousands of Amazon cloud accounts are accidentally public. How could such a thing happen? As it turns out, Amazon cloud users have to make sure… Read More

Latest News and Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

About Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Hosting Review Amazon Cloud Amazon Cloud A company that you can trust on Amazon is the biggest name in the hosting industry which is serving its clients for a long time. The world has reached a new level of technology and now it is no more feasible to keep utilizing the… Read More