Commercial Data Warehouses Review – Amazon’s Redshift

Company Overview

redshiftCommercial data warehouses were something of a struggle. Massive data volumes weren't handled with ease, and the whole thing was a relative mess. Companies have been trying to solve this problem for a long time, though few came close to providing any real solutions. Amazon has changed all of that with Redshift.

What Redshift Is and Does

Redshift is a really powerful data warehousing tool created by Amazon to simplify the data warehouse process. This tool is especially ideal for any medium-sized data business, and it's one of the few tools that companies across the board are starting to adopt.

Setting up a Redshift account is simple enough too. Just define a few high-level parameters, add node quantity and size, and Amazon basically does the rest of the work for you. Once your personalized cluster has been built, it's up to you to set preferences and build out your own database. Amazon doesn't want you to have to mess around with settings and software either, which is why Redshift databases are set up like an actual service (no need to access a command line). To say the least, Redshift is user-oriented. As with any other tool, though, there are some drawbacks to Redshift.

User Interface

Amazon really shines with it comes to Redshift's UI. You'll see all kinds of graphs and charts that really put data into perspective. Queries are nicely graphed in addition to performance data, and that makes it easier to grab information and details in one quick glance.

You can also look at a complete list of queries by tabbing over a query ID, which will bring you to a link (all IDs are hyperlinked). This is simplicity defined.

A Few Disadvantages

The main problem with Redshift (and this bodes true with most Amazon products) is that you really have to use Amazon's recommended software. In this case, that software is SQLWorkbenchJ. If you decide to use other software, you may run into a few hiccups along the way. The other drawback is that Redshift relies on columnar databases, so you'll need a crash course here if you're not familiar with this type of database design.

Lastly, some users may find it frustrating that bulk data loads cannot be completed through the local file system. This happens because access to the server back-end is denied. You do have direct access to data stored in S3, though, so that helps. Overall, Redshift is just the right kind of solution to the data warehousing problem.


Where other companies have tried and largely failed (albeit, there are some other options out there), Amazon's Redshift really takes over. What will it cost you to use Redshift and take advantage of this tool? Redshift has “no upfront costs” according to Amazon. This is a pay-as-you-go tool.

Instead of charging users one rate, Redshift prices are billed according to “…an hourly rate based on the node type and the number of nodes in your cluster.” If you want to check out Redshift without a huge commitment, you can go for a single 2TB data warehouse (single XL node) at the rate of $0.85 per hour.

Need more information? Got questions about Redshift? Ask away!

Top Five Hosts for Your Niche Startup

Top Five Hosts

Niche is such a nice word. Originally from the French, Niche literally means “an enclosure or corner.” Niche can also mean finding a place where your talents fit perfectly. Kind of like that business you just started.

aws logo Top Five HostsA startup begins with an idea, gathers momentum (and, hopefully, funding), and turns into a business. But how do you get that business on the Internet? Should you just put up a site, select a host, and hope for the best? I wouldn't move into hosting territory that swiftly.

Sure, cheap hosting sites can be found, but finding a site that caters to your niche is really the way to go.

1. Top Five Hosts: Bluehost : Bluehost has been around for some time now, so this hosting company has a great reputation. In addition to being a cheap web hosting provider, Bluehost comes with some startup essentials. Bluehost has an easy to use cPanel that makes life a lot simpler. Plus, Bluehost comes with various features and package prices that won't bust your startup budget.

2. Top Five Hosts: Hostgator : I've been using Hostgator for many years now, and I've never had a problem with this cheap hosting site. Hostgator also offers fast and painless ways to add features like shopping carts to a site, and the customer service reps are top-notch.

3. Top Five Hosts: Rackspace: This company has been in the news A LOT lately. Rackspace currently offers a Startup Program that includes cloud features. The best part about this program is that it walks startups founders through the hosting process from start to finish. Rackspace isn't exactly a cheap web hosting option, but it is a site worth looking at if you want a hand-holding experience.

4. Top Five Hosts: Amazon Web Hosting: Okay, it's hard to go really wrong with a company as reputable as Amazon. BUT — I warn you — large companies come with some downfalls too. Before you head right for Amazon's web hosting options, make sure to read this article!

5. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is another massive hosting company that I'm sure you've heard about. GoDaddy has a solid reputation for hosting (even though the company has had other troubles), and you'll find plenty of affordable packages on this site.

Top Five Hosts: What Y Combinator Startups Use

I came across an interesting document on GitHub that put Y Combinator startup hosting preferences into nice little pie charts. The number one host that these startups use is Amazon followed by Rackspace — I'm betting that will change soon thanks to Rackspace's focus on startups.

If you put a lot of weight into what Y Combinator startups do, you might want to spend some time investigating why Amazon is so popular. Mostly, it has to do with costs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should follow the crowd (again, read my article above about small hosts vs. large hosts).

Remember to find a host that lets you expand easily; has a good track record when it comes to up time; and allows you to completely control your site.

News: Thousands of Amazon Accounts Are Public

Amazon Accounts

Something very big happened in the cloud hosting world today. A privacy researcher by the name of Will Vandervanter was doing his job when he discovered something big: thousands of Amazon cloud accounts are accidentally public.

AWS_LOGO Amazon AccountsHow could such a thing happen? As it turns out, Amazon cloud users have to make sure that the “privacy” option is turned on. Otherwise, accounts can be made public. This is a big deal when it comes to photos, files, and corporate spying! It's an even bigger deal when a major social network was one of the companies that did not have a secure account!

Amazon's Big Cloud Hosting Mistake

Amazon has told press that the company automatically sets all cloud hosting accounts to private as a default status. But, this status can be changed to public quite easily. During a reconfiguration or through manual manipulation, accounts can easily go public. Once public, looking through someone's private files or photographs becomes an easy thing to do.

Out of the 12,000 accounts that Vandevanter scoped out, almost 2,000 of those accounts were accidentally public. That's a big problem. The researcher also noted that one of the accounts belonged to a “medium-sized social media network,” which means that user photographs and files were available to the public eye. This is definitely not the cloud hosting reputation that Amazon was aiming for!

Amazon Accounts: Was It Amazon's Mistake?

As mentioned, Amazon does set all user profiles to private automatically, and cloud settings can only be changed by users. However, Amazon might not have made this clear to all cloud users. As a result, Amazon is now working on cleaning up this major PR mess.

While Amazon is not at fault directly, the company's name is still attached to many angry customers — customers who want someone to pay for leaked company secrets. Does this mean that all cloud hosting is not safe or secure? Absolutely not; but it definitely means that you should always read the fine print.

Making Sure Your Cloud Account Is Safe

If you do have an Amazon S3 account, you should contact the company right away to find out how to change your privacy settings. There's not much you can do if your files have already been leaked, but you can prevent this from happening in the future. If you intend to sign up for another cloud hosting account, the same rules apply.

Most cloud hosts offer private hosting to clients. But, this is something that you will have to verify when you setup your initial account. If settings can be easily changed, make sure you know how to turn those settings on and off. It will also pay to teach anyone who will be working on your cloud account to leave those privacy settings alone.

Alternatives to Amazon Cloud Hosting

There's no doubt that many Amazon cloud users  (earlier review here) will be searching for a new cloud host today. If you are one of those users, there are a few great options available including Memopal (250GB for $99/year) and Moss Cloud FS (pay-as-you-go storage starting at $.15GB).

Amazon might be one of the largest cloud hosting options out there, but sometimes large isn't better. In this case, Amazon isn't directly at fault, though the general cloud-using public might not see it that way. So far, Amazon hasn't announced any offers for those who were impacted by this incident.

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Something very big happened in the cloud hosting world today. A privacy researcher by the name of Will Vandervanter was doing his job when he discovered something big: thousands of Amazon cloud accounts are accidentally public.

Latest News and Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

About Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud A company that you can trust on

Amazon CloudAmazon is the biggest name in hosting industry which is serving its clients for a long time. The world has reached a new level of technology and now it is no more feasible keep utilizing the same traditional methods. Amazon Cloud is the answer to all those who desire something more than computing. There are thousands of reasons suggesting why Amazon Cloud is best in its category. User friendliness remains at the top of the list, which is then aided with many other features.

Parent Company: Amazon Group

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Other Offices: Mexico, Colombia, and Chile

Data Centers: Brazil

Amazon India

  • Five data centers in Mumbai
  • Indian Companies using AWS: Paytm, Delhivery and Ola

Promotion: Free cloud hosting credits of $1,000 to government-recognized start-ups registered with DIPP under a partnership with the Start-up India programme. Currently, 2,865, registered can avail free rebate for two years. Furthermore, those part of an incubator or have received venture capital fund, eligible for credits worth $5,000. Also, the company offered limited-period technical support as part of the promotional offer.
DIPP: Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

Services Offered – Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

Analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), security a

Cloud computing, storage, database and business applications

Servers: To host websites and mobile applications

Customers – Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

Target Customers: Organizations of all sizes including government organizations

No. of Customers: 120,000+

What for Customers?

  • Powerful and supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship

Latest News – Hosting Review Amazon Cloud

  • (November 20, 2017) Plans to open an office in Argentina to boost support and hone in on opportunities in the local market. The company also signing MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with governments including Chile, Honduras, and Argentina to push the use of cloud services in the public sector.
  • (December 5, 2016) Cloud Giant AWS to Open New Office in Manama, the capital of Bahrain on January 1, 2017. The office would facilitate AWS Cloud Training and Global Certification programs to develop cloud skills within Bahrain.

Amazon Cloud Company Introduction:

Amazon is one of the largest organizations in the world dealing in the technology industry. The company provides a range of services to its clients. It includes web development services, hosting, security, networking, support, and much more. In short, Amazon is the one-stop solution for every person seeking for any kind of tech-related services. In past few years, Amazon has made its unique ground in this industry through its tailor-made services and apparent policies. Amazon has become a well-known name amongst those dealing in IT industry.

Amazon Cloud Hosting Features:

It is always a great idea seeking the hosting services from a company which gives customer-service the highest preference. This is the core policy of Amazon, as they are known for their unique customer services. They are capable of fulfilling every requirement, be it for a small company or a large organization. Custom made hosting plans of Amazon makes it easier for the clients to choose the most suitable plan for their requirements. The Amazon policy which states that customer is a base of every service makes them able to handle their clients with care. The hosting services provided by Amazon are double tested for their quality, and thus remains no threat unveiled.

Amazon Cloud Reliability:

Reliability is very essential, be it in the services or trust. Amazon, the name is sufficient to prompt a sigh of relief in minds of customer. The company has a long streak of providing customer oriented services and thus you can always trust on them. Another aspect, which is regarding their services, is even more shining. Amazon deals its clients with much care and thus leaves no error behind. You can leave the burden of your website on their hosting services. They have most secured, protected, and powerful servers in their fleet and thus can promise you to keep your site finely-performing till the eternity.

Amazon Cloud Support/Customer Service:

Certainly, the biggest feature of Amazon Cloud is its customer-centric approach. The company always keep customers at the base poke and give their comfort the highest priority. Many times you will experience that you notify them regarding an issue and they will revert within few minutes. Amazon provides one of the fastest services to its clients. This has made possible through their highly capable communication network. Their executives remain in your touch round the clock.

Amazon Cloud Specialized In:

Amazon Cloud is best known for their hosting services, but they do provide a range of other services as well. Their portfolio includes web development, security solution, networking, tech support and much more. All the services are done by the expert hands of their experienced professionals, thus there is full assurance of quality.

If you desire to run your site smoothly and want to keep it free from any downfall, nothing can be better than hiring the services of Amazon Cloud. Their entire package will mesmerize you with the quality services, highly centered support, well-mannered customer services, and advanced technological assistance. I would suggest you go with them, and see your website running like butter till the eternity.

Amazon sets itself apart from the competition with a unique and appealing focus on media with the property of pay for that you only need. It provides great content support which includes uploading anything digital, music, photos and videos with unlimited file size support.

Amazon Cloud Drive offers decent but far from wide-ranging mobile access. As long as your device works with Adobe Flash, you’ll be able to access the cloud service. Unfortunately, this rules out Windows phones and any device running iOS, including the iPhone and the iPad.

This drive is not very difficult to use but it lacks on the uploading and downloading of files. All the same, the service is pretty self-explanatory and new users shouldn't have trouble navigating the web interface.