Which State Features the Most Adult Hosting Sites?

Adult Hosting Sites

California state flag Adult Hosting SitesEver wonder which country hosts the most porn? How about which state in the US features the most adult hosting sites? Well, in case you did, there's a company that has compiled this data just for you!

And it's kind of ironic: the company that compiled this data, MetaCert, offers Internet users various tools to keep children from viewing inappropriate content while online. So who made the list? Let's take a look.

Top Adult Hosting Sites Countries

When it comes to countries, America is by far the winner: 60% of the world's porn is hosted in the good old USA. That's 428 million adult hosting pages! The Netherlands comes in at number two (26%, 187 million pages) with the UK coming in at number three with 7%, 52 million pages.

How about the bottom of the list? Poland hosts a mere 505,000 pages. Wondering how other countries stack up? Here's a breakdown of the top 20:

  • US – 428.3 million pages
  • Netherlands – 187.2 million pages
  • UK – 52.2 million pages
  • Germany – 8.2 million pages
  • France – 5.5 million pages
  • Canada – 2.3 million pages
  • Japan – 2.2 million pages
  • Australia – 1.9 million pages
  • British Virgin Islands – 1.4 million pages
  • Czech Republic – 1.4 million pages
  • Ukraine – 1.1 million pages
  • Taiwan – 935,000 pages
  • Spain – 935,000 pages
  • Bahamas – 889,000 pages
  • Austria – 769,000 pages
  • Switzerland – 766,000 pages
  • Belgium – 728,000 pages
  • Russia – 638,000 pages
  • Hungary – 583,000 pages
  • Poland – 505,000 pages

Top Adult Hosting Sites States

So, of those 428 million US adult hosting sites, what states host the most? The clear winner: California, hosting 66% of all adult sites in the US, followed nowhere near closely by New York and Texas, both with 8%, Arizona and Illinois with 2% each, and New Jersey, Florida, and Washington with 1% each.

The least likely place to see adult hosting sites: Alaska. Only 10,363 pages of pornographic content are hosted there.

Top Porn TLDs

Again, it's not surprising that .com is the most popular TLD for porn, accounting for 82.46% of all adult hosting sites. .net is second with 7.76%, and .nl with 2.35.%.


So why does America love porn so much anyway? It's not really a love of porn this study demonstrates. Remember, it's the top countries featuring adult hosting sites. One reason is likely because the US is one of the most common countries for a website to be hosted, along with the Netherlands. Let's not forget most of these hosting providers aren't very restrictive in terms of what kind of content they'll host. The Netherlands are even more lenient.

Another reason: the US legal system and freedom of speech. As the old saying goes, we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about adult content. As long as our kids don't see it, who cares?

Does any of the information above surprise you?

UK To Block Porn Nationwide

UK To Block Porn Nationwide

UK To Block Porn Nationwide

Do you manage an adult cheap hosting site? Soon, those in the UK will not be able to view it after today's announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron. But is this taking things too far? Is he censoring the Internet? And will it even work?

UK To Block Porn Nationwide: Why And How

Cameron is blocking online pornography in order to protect kids from what he calls porn's “corroding influence.” If you are a new user signing up for the Internet, porn sites will be blocked by default. The only way to change this is to tell the ISP to disable the filters. If you are an existing user, your ISP will contact you. If you do not give them a decision, the filters will be automatically implemented.

The new plan also makes the possession of what Cameron calls “extreme pornography” — video or still images that show simulated rape — illegal, according to the Daily Mail.

“By the end of this year, when someone sets up a new broadband account the settings to install family-friendly filters will be automatically selected,” said Cameron to a child protection group. “If you just click ‘next' or ‘enter', then the filters are automatically on.”

UK To Block Porn Nationwide: A Call To Search Engines

Cameron is targeting websites hosting child pornography, looking to shut them down, and has asked search engines to join him in his efforts to keep who he calls “sick people” from logging on to these illegal sites. As a result of his plan, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is coming up with a list of search terms that are “objectionable.” Also, the US and UK will be teaming up on a task force to go after these sites hosting obscene content.

“I have a very clear message for Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest,” Cameron said. “You have a duty to act on this — and it is a moral duty. If there are technical obstacles to acting on [search engines], don't just stand by and say nothing can be done; use your great brains to help overcome them.”

Cameron plans to meet up with reps from the top search engines at some point in October in order to find out how far they've come regarding blocking the search terms compiled by the CEOP. Cameron warns, “If the progress is slow or non-existent, then I can tell you we are already looking at the legislative options we have to force action.”

UK To Block Porn Nationwide: Favorable Reactions

Cameron's announcement has been anticipated for a few weeks, looked upon favorably by Rape Crisis, an advocacy group based in London. They point out that it has been illegal to possess or even publish pornography depicting rape in Scotland, but not in Wales and England.

“We are heartened by the government's announcement that it will close the loophole in existing extreme pornography legislation,” said Rape Crisis' Fiona Elvines to the Guardian. “The government today has made a significant step forward in preventing rapists using rape pornography to legitimize and strategize their crimes and, more broadly, in challenging the eroticization of violence against women and girls.”

UK To Block Porn Nationwide: Will It Work?

Some don't think so, such as the Department of Education. The BBC published a letter regarding this issue, and it points out the issue with the filters. Tom Melzer wrote, in an editorial for the Guardian: “To work, the filters would need to prevent users from asking search engines ‘How do I turn off these porn filters?' And then the questions ‘How do I turn off the filters for questions about turning off filters?' And so on, forever.”

Regardless, the changes are coming. In a move based on similar motives, Twitter will implement Facebook's tagging system relying on Microsoft's PhotoDNA technology in order to weed out offensive photos depicting children. It is the same technology authorities use in order to conduct reverse image searches.

How do you feel about this? Do you think it goes too far, policing grown adults who should be able to choose whether or not content is filtered, or is this a positive step towards combating child and violent pornography?

How to Start An Adult Hosting Company

Start An Adult Hosting Company

Adult Hosting CompanySo, you want to start an adult hosting company. You figure that there's a good amount of cash in the industry, and you want a slice of that pie. Why shouldn't you? You're entitled! Just don't make the same mistakes that so many other adult hosting companies make. In fact, follow these tips instead.

Adult Hosting Company: Tips to Remember

1. Know your audience : Let's face it. You're not aiming for church goers with an adult site. So, don't advertise in the wrong place. When it comes to adult content, the best way to get the word out is to advertising on blogs and in magazines that are in the same line of business.

2. Keep it cheap : Adult website owners don't want to pay top-dollar for hosting. This might seem like a generalization, but it's also the truth. Your clients will be looking for cheap hosting options. Offer plans that fit the bill. For added revenue, you can cross or upsell.

3. Draw the line : You're going to offer hosting for adult content, but you have to draw that line somewhere. There's a debate over whether or not web hosting companies should be moral companies too, so I'm not going to get into that here. I will tell you that some people – even adult website owners — will be turned away if you let anyone open up shop using your hosting company.

4. Watch Google : Google is cracking down on some underage sites. While web hosting companies aren't responsible for content clients create, you don't want to get a bad reputation. Keep your nose clean, and avoid becoming the Pandora of the adult hosting industry.

5. Network and attend events : What kinds of events? Do I really need to spell it out? There are lots of trade show events that can be attended and plenty of cards that can be handed out. Make sure to visit these events in order to network.

There's some stiff competition when it comes to the adult hosting realm. In order to stand a world apart, make sure that you aren't offering services or marketing your adult hosting company just like all the rest.

Google Gets Rid of Adult Sites

Google on Moral Crusade

This morning, Google (the company behind Blogger) sent out notices to all Blogger users. These notices stated that any adult sites or adult content would be taken down. Google, it seems, is on a moral crusade. Blogger has always allowed adult content, but now Google wants it all gone. What's changed? Why the sudden crackdown? There are two possible explanations.  Blogger Google

Google Internet Clean Up

Google has recently announced that the company will begin a photo database that's sole purpose is to crackdown on child pornography sites. These sites would be shut down as soon as a site has been reported. Google's new database will make recognizing such sites easier. This is all meant to happen in the next few months.

In line with getting rid of underage sites, Google may be working to rid the Internet of adult content sites too. Since the company can't simply start shutting down all adult sites, Google may be starting this crackdown with sites it can control: Blogger sites. Or, there might be another reason why Google has sent out warnings to Blogger users.

A Simple Case of Defense

Adult content sites often go hand-in-hand with malware problems. Google may be eliminating all adult content from Blogger in an effort avoid any kind of malware attack. This is a possibility, but it's not the one that most people are worried about. Instead, many are concerned that Google will start cleaning up the Internet according to the company's own moral code. You be your own judge – here's what Google sent out to Bloggers today:

Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.”

In short: if you current run adult ads on your Blogger site or have adult content, get rid of it or your site will be shut down. What can you do? Move to Yahoo's Tumblr, for one thing. Yahoo has already stated that the company won't be shutting down adult sites. Keep in mind that Google's warning applies to sites that run adult ads, so you'll have to get rid of those if you have any on your Blogger site.

What do you think about Google's latest adult content crackdown? Is it warranted, or is Google going too far?

Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered?

Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered

Google recently announced plans to eliminate child pornography from the web by setting up a new picture-sharing database. This database would make it simpler for child watch groups (and other companies) to report on potential child pornography sites throughout the Internet.  google censorship Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered

Once investigated, Google would take these sites down immediately.

While there's no doubt that child pornography sites (and the hosts that allow these sites) should be taken down, the proposed Google action raises some cautionary flags as well.

Are Adult Hosting Sites Doomed?

Some critics of the Google database plan have voiced concern that the elimination of child pornography sites will lead to the shutdown of all pornography sites. This might include adult hosting sites, and site that show adult explicit materials – a sort of Pleasantville-Internet, if you will. A place where nothing offensive would remain.

Google reps haven't gone on record with any direct responses to these fears, but they are real fears all the same. If Google has the power to wipe out any site on a whim, where would the “Internet clean-up” end? For obvious reasons, Google is receiving plenty of support for getting rid of sites that are suggestive of child pornography, but the fear that this will lead to further censorship is certainly there.

Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered: Will It Be An All-Out War?

Child sites that show abuse or pornography are illegal, and that's why Google can shut these sites down. The backlash might even reach to hosting companies that allow these sites to operate (it's not unheard of). But, attempting to shut down adult pornography sites and adult hosting sites is another thing altogether.

The future may look like a battlefield if the concerns that Google will go after a slew of sites turns out to be a reality. Cheap hosting sites allowing explicit sites to operate may be at the crux of that battle. It could be the end of adult hosting sites – or, it might just bring about the demise of Google.

Are you concerned that this type of censorship will go too far? Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered?

Photo courtesy of danielchalef via Flickr Creative Commons.

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