Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

adult hosting sites wordpressJust the other day, a client explained to me that he doesn't believe in marketing. Really? There are so many reasons why that's a mistake, but let's start with the most basic reason.

Adult Hosting Sites: Putting It Simply

Here's my favorite scenario:

You've just purchased an amazing WordPress website template. You hired a writer to write awesome ad copy, and you've implemented that template. You launch your site, and now you're waiting for the dollars to roll in. And waiting, And waiting, And…yeah.

You see, it's simple. Nobody will know that your site even exists unless you market it. See how that works? There are millions of website out there, and you are competing against all of them. Without marketing, you are dead in the water. See how important marketing is? It is one of those “spend money to make money” scenarios. It's more than that too.

Adult Hosting Sites: How to Market a Cheap Web Hosting Site

The tough part about marketing a cheap hosting website is that there are already thousand of sites just like yours out there. So you have to think differently. Don't use the same marketing channels that every other site is using. You have to think ahead of the curve, out of the curve – and, please, don't have anything to do with that box!

If you starting your marketing research with: “what has X company that's just like mine done,” you won't think differently. You have to think: “what can my company do that X company can't?” That's the way to go. Really, the Internet is your oyster, you just have to find a way to crack it open to get the slimy bits.

Adult Hosting Sites: Some Cheap Hosting Marketing Ideas

Where do you start? First, make sure that your packages and offers are solid. Are you offering something that's niche, secure, and amazing? Yes? Great! No? Work on that. Second, make sure your products are clearly explained on your website. Like, really clearly.

When it comes to site construction, you have to spell it out for your clients. Spell it all out. Make everything so simple and so clear that it's impossible for someone visiting your site NOT to know what to do. Third, set up those landing pages.

Adult Hosting Sites : Creating Cheap Hosting Landing Pages

You can think of a landing page like a helipad. People will visit your site from different places, right? Some may come from, say, Facebook, while others may come directly from an ad that you took out. Where those people land once they click on that link is what a landing page is all about. Landing pages should all be unique, and all be dead simple.

But, if you aren't great at marketing, don't do it yourself! Hire someone that knows how to write clearly, set up a message, and create a site or landing page to do it all for you. In the end, this is where you want to spend your dollars in order to get your feet off the ground.

Need help? Just ask!

New York Follow’s in California’s Revenge Porn Footsteps

New York Follow's in California's Revenge Porn Footsteps

California state flag New yorkThe state of California has tried to protect people from becoming victim to revenge porn. Unfortunately, the new law that California has set up doesn't protect everyone, and proves to be more than useless in most cases. As many different new outlets have pointed out, the law simply doesn't include enough people – and is too specific in other areas.

The New Revenge Porn Law

Residents of California can now face up to six months in prison and a fine of $1,000 for participating in any kind of revenge porn distribution. That law seems clear cut enough, right? Well, it doesn't include certain types of porn that could also be considered the revenge kind.

California's new law misses out on videos that are created by the victim and then spread around (the law doesn't cover “selfies”). This law also skips over adult hosting companies that redistribute the porn, and it doesn't even touch hackers that might hack into a system to steal porn. The law only covers porn that is taken by another person and then posted online – and that means that this law is missing a lot of guilty parties.

So, why would the state of New York follow in California's footsteps?

The New York Anti Revenge Porn Law

Just yesterday, New York state officials announced that a “tougher” revenge porn law was in the works for the Empire State. What this law will cover, exactly is not yet known, but the law aims to be more complete than the one that California has created. That would be a good thing, but how can a state erect such a law?

It will take long hours and tons of research for New York State to create a revenge porn law that isn't full of holes. As the state of California found out, building a law that protects victims fully is really tough to do – and should go through a more thorough thought process.

Steps In the Right Direction

Even though California's revenge porn law needs some work, the fact that New York is considering a similar law means that various states are trying to put a stop to revenge porn completely – and that's a good thing. What does this means for adult hosting companies in the states of California and New York?

If you own an adult hosting company, it's a really good idea to prevent any kind of revenge porn from being posted. Right now, hosting companies can't be held responsible in California, but there's no telling what the state of New York may do once the state's new revenge porn law has been created and passed.

What do you think of California's new revenge porn law? Is this law too lacking, or is it just enough? If you own a hosting company, are you concerned? Let me know in the comments below.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Banks May Soon Deny Processing Payments

UK Adult Hosting Sites

We've talked about the UK porn filter before. In case you missed it, you can check out that article *here*.UK Adult Hosting Sites

So let's raise an important point, which I believe has been raised here on the blog before, which I was thinking about with the recent news of a new form of punishment for adult hosting sites.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Banks To Punish Adult Hosting Sites?

Before we get to that important point, let's look at the problem. After instituting country-wide porn filters that block adult hosting sites (which, thankfully, households have the option to opt-in on explicit content if they so choose), the government wants to give banks the authority to deny processing payments to any adult hosting sites that publish legal content but do nothing to prevent children from accessing that content.

Essentially, if you aren't following the rules, you aren't getting paid. A summit will take place some time this month in order to agree on a plan. If no agreement is voluntarily reached, the government is prepared to step in and create legislation and force the matter.

Certain websites don't perform any age verification check, unlike others that can't be accessed unless a users age is verified. The Authority for Television on Demand (Atvod) exists to monitor websites in the UK that host video content, and is leading the charge against non-compliant sites.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: In The Cross-hairs

Playboy was one of the first to be punished, according to the Telegraph, and there have been others. Apparently, Playboy offers video content that minors can access with no trouble whatsoever (UK Adult Hosting Sites).

But is it okay to target all of these seemingly non-compliant sites? Since it is not okay to flat-out block free adult sites (it's absolutely legal for those over 18 to view the content), it seems some recourse must be taken to assure sites are performing accurate age verification procedures.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Free Isn't Necessarily Free

What happens is these sites attract users in with free videos. From there, they can sell a premium service, enticing users to pay for better, longer lasting videos and other add-on services.

If there is no age verification process for the free service (it stands to reason that someone under 18 does not have access to a credit card, so they'll not be able to upgrade), why should that non-compliant company receive payment? This is the view of the UK government: if you aren't going to play by the rules, you aren't going to get any money.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: The Future?

It seems banks and credit card companies are on board with this idea, and soon, the UK Cards Association, the Payments Council, the British Bankers Association, and the top credit card companies will meet at a summit to discuss this idea.

How far is Cameron prepared to take this (UK Adult Hosting Sites)? Should all of this content be blocked, and adult hosting websites be punished for publishing legal content by financial institutions? That's kind of the beauty of the Internet: you can find just about anything. While I agree that children shouldn't have access to pornography, isn't that the role of the parent, to assure their children aren't seeing things they shouldn't?

More importantly, who's deciding which content is appropriate and which content is not? It is subjective, so it seems to me there is a lot of work involved with the implementation of this proposed law.

Do you run an adult hosting sites? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Top 3 Canadian Adult Hosting Companies

Canadian Adult Hosting Companies

It can be difficult to find a hosting provider willing to host your adult website. Adult hosting sites mean an increased risk of legal issues, and most providers simply don't want to get involved.

So how do you find the best choice in terms of an adult hosting company in Canada to host your website? Take a look at these.

Adult Hosting Providers

Canadian Adult Hosting Providers

1. Canadian Adult Hosting Provider: Carat Networkscarat networks with Canadian adult hosting

Carat Networks is located south of Toronto in Hamilton, Ontario, and promises high quality hosting services at a cheap hosting price. They realize that each business has different needs, and strives to meet those needs thanks to a multitude of options in terms of hosting packages. As long as your adult content is not illegal or underage, they'll provide hosting services no matter what.

Carat offers dedicated server packages starting as low as $92.60 per month, giving you real-time bandwidth stats, free remote reboot, and 6TB of data transfer. Each server is custom built, and Carat Networks promises a speedy setup.

Is VPS hosting more your speed? Their basic plan is $15 per month, offering 50GB of storage, 500GB bandwidth, and 512MB RAM. Real-time bandwidth stats and remote reboot are also offered with VPS hosting packages.

Maybe shared hosting is what you're looking for. If so, sign on to their basic plan for $7.99 per month. That gives you 10GB of storage and 250GB bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, and phpMyAdmin for easy database management.

2. Canadian Adult Hosting Provider: Adult Hosting

The self-proclaimed “leader in adult hosting in Canada,” Adult Hosting seeks to preserve free speech on the Internet. However, if there is any content the company deems as illegal or objectionable, the site can be shut down without notice. Adult Hosting lists several violations within its ‘Acceptable Use Policy,’ and includes things like forgery or impersonation, harm to minors, SPAM, harassment, and scams. Pornographic content is not allowed on a VPS hosting site. In short: read the fine print!

Adult Hosting offers domain transfer and registration, as well as issue SSL certificates. Looking for colocation? Unmanaged plans start at $50 per month and managed plans at $99 per month.

Dedicated server hosting plans start at $99 per month, which gets you 1GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, and 500GB storage. Looking for a cheaper option? Choose a shared hosting package, starting at only $3.95 per month. That gets you 50GB storage and unlimited bandwidth for one domain.

3. Canadian Adult Hosting Provider: Netelligent

Montreal's ‘Netelligent Hosting Services’ offers a wide range of hosting solutions, all of which allow adult content provided it is not illegal or in the child pornography realm. Netelligent has six data centers, and there are plans in the works to open a seventh within the next few months.

All of their plans offer free setup when signing a 12-month contract, 24/7 support, and 99.9% uptime.

If you want your adult site hosted in the cloud, choose their Linux plan that starts at 10GB storage for $22 per month, or their Windows plan that starts at $71 per month.

Is dedicated hosting the right choice for your website? Plans start at $89 per month for 500GB storage and 5000GB bandwidth.

Maybe shared hosting fits your budget better. If so, they have plans that start at just $50 per year, offering 1GB of space and unlimited bandwidth for one website.

Do you rely on any of these providers to host your website? How has your experience been?

How to Find An Adult Hosting Niche

Adult Hosting

Adult Hosting NicheYou are starting an adult hosting site. But what would be most profitable? Should you start a “one-site-fits-all” website, or should you narrow your focus to a specific Adult Hosting Niche?

If you're planning on making any money off of your website, you should definitely consider a Adult Hosting Niche . There are many niches in the adult hosting world to choose from (girl-next-door, gay, transgender, etc.), and the key to making money is setting yourself apart from the competition. There are already plenty of sites that offer it all, and this makes it difficult to get your site noticed.

A Word About Choosing A  Adult Hosting Niche

First, come up with a list of Adult Hosting  niche . Go through that list and see what interests you most. The more interested you are in the content, the more valuable users will find that content. You wouldn't do well playing against Tiger Woods if you've never golfed, would you? It's the same with your website: it can't be successful if you don't have an interest in it.

You also want to provide content for your site that is totally legal. Be sure you can show proof of model ages if this is applicable. You can't run a successful adult hosting site in jail!

Find An Adult Hosting Provider

This is important: some hosting companies won't touch adult content with a 50-foot pole. Some hosting providers we've reviewed, such as Hostgator and Arvixe, do provide adult hosting services. Be sure you understand what is allowed and what isn't prior to signing a contract with any of them!

Adult Hosting Niche – Get Your Name Out There

Once your site is created, it's time to advertise! Sign up with an affiliate marketing program for starters. This can be a great way to earn money without doing anything at all! Find some paid subscription sites to partner with, and provide links to those sites throughout your web pages. When someone clicks and purchases a membership at that site, you make a commission!

Adult Hosting Niche: Offer Membership Options

Some sites offer certain content for free, with the rest available after purchasing a membership. You can offer all of your content for free if you'd like, lacing it with advertising, enticing people to pay for a membership to enjoy advertisement-free content if you'd like. Or, you can offer “VIP membership,” with exclusive content available to members only.

Adult Hosting Niche: Above All, Content Is King

No matter how you intend to monetize the site, if the content isn't good no one will want to enjoy it for free, let alone pay money to subscribe. Be sure your content is fresh and original, legal, and keeps visitors coming back for more.

Adult Hosting Providers

Do you run an adult hosting site? Have any tips for our readers? Share them by commenting below!