Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing? Just the other day, a client explained to me that he doesn’t believe in marketing. Really? There are so many reasons why that’s a mistake, but let’s start with the most basic reason. Adult Hosting Sites: Putting It Simply Here’s my favorite scenario: You’ve just purchased an amazing WordPress website… Read More

New York Follow’s in California’s Revenge Porn Footsteps

New York Follow’s in California’s Revenge Porn Footsteps The state of California has tried to protect people from becoming victim to revenge porn. Unfortunately, the new law that California has set up doesn’t protect everyone, and proves to be more than useless in most cases. As many different new outlets have pointed out, the law… Read More

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Banks May Soon Deny Processing Payments

UK Adult Hosting Sites We’ve talked about the UK porn filter before. In case you missed it, you can check out that article *here*. So let’s raise an important point, which I believe has been raised here on the blog before, which I was thinking about with the recent news of a new form of… Read More

Top 3 Canadian Adult Hosting Companies

Canadian Adult Hosting Companies It can be difficult to find a hosting provider willing to host your adult website. Adult hosting sites mean an increased risk of legal issues, and most providers simply don’t want to get involved. So how do you find the best choice in terms of an adult hosting company in Canada… Read More

How to Find An Adult Hosting Niche

Adult Hosting You are starting an adult hosting site. But what would be most profitable? Should you start a “one-site-fits-all” website, or should you narrow your focus to a specific Adult Hosting Niche? If you’re planning on making any money off of your website, you should definitely consider a Adult Hosting Niche . There are… Read More

Which State Features the Most Adult Hosting Sites?

Adult Hosting Sites Ever wonder which country hosts the most porn? How about which state in the US features the most adult hosting sites? Well, in case you did, there’s a company that has compiled this data just for you! And it’s kind of ironic: the company that compiled this data, MetaCert, offers Internet users… Read More

UK To Block Porn Nationwide

UK To Block Porn Nationwide Do you manage an adult cheap hosting site? Soon, those in the UK will not be able to view it after today’s announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron. But is this taking things too far? Is he censoring the Internet? And will it even work? UK To Block Porn… Read More

How to Start An Adult Hosting Company

Start An Adult Hosting Company So, you want to start an adult hosting company. You figure that there’s a good amount of cash in the industry, and you want a slice of that pie. Why shouldn’t you? You’re entitled! Just don’t make the same mistakes that so many other adult hosting companies make. In fact,… Read More

Google Gets Rid of Adult Sites

Google on Moral Crusade This morning, Google (the company behind Blogger) sent out notices to all Blogger users. These notices stated that any adult sites or adult content would be taken down. Google, it seems, is on a moral crusade. Blogger has always allowed adult content, but now Google wants it all gone. What’s changed?… Read More

Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered?

Are the Days of Adult Hosting Numbered Google recently announced plans to eliminate child pornography from the web by setting up a new picture-sharing database. This database would make it simpler for child watch groups (and other companies) to report on potential child pornography sites throughout the Internet.  Once investigated, Google would take these sites… Read More

Tumblr Dirty Little Secret

Tumblr Little Secret If you were around the Internet this weekend, you probably heard all about Yahoo’s proposed acquisition of Tumblr. Tumblr’s fans all across the globe are up in arms about this potential billion dollar deal. The whole thing is interesting — but what’s even more interesting is the story that this story has… Read More

.XXX Domain Names Reduced Drastically During May

Two major adult website players have filed a lawsuit against ICM Registry, the site that controls .xxx hosting names. The lawsuit states that the prices for adult web hosting sites are too high, and that these prices need to be lowered in order to create healthy competition. Details of the .XXX Lawsuit Typically, an average… Read More

Four Adult Sites And Their Respective Hosting Companies Named In FL Lawsuit

Adult Sites It’s another revenge porn lawsuit: a Florida woman claims her ex-boyfriend uploaded some pornographic pictures he had taken of her to a variety of different websites / Adult Sites. This woman is outraged, and has filed a handful of lawsuits against anyone involved. You may remember the story we ran about 23 women… Read More

Warner Brothers Sued For Patent Infringement

Warner Brothers Sued For Patent Infringement You see a meme circulating on the Internet, and find the same meme on an adult hosting or share hosting website. You like the meme so much that you snag it, share it, and decide to create a video game from it. That’s what happened in the case of… Read More

Go Daddy: Marketing Gone Too Far?

Sex sells. That is one indisputable fact of marketing, and businesses take full advantage of its efficacy. If you use sex to sell your hosting services, will people think your company specializes in adult hosting? Should hosting companies look at marketing a bit differently? After Go Daddy’s infamous Super Bowl 2013 advertisement, some might say… Read More

Cheap Adult Hosting: What You Can Learn From Perfect 10 v. Google

You may remember, years ago, when the adult hosting site for ‘Perfect 10 Magazine’  sued Google, Amazon, and the credit card processing company CWIE for numerous allegations which included unfair competition; copyright and trademark infringement; violation of right of publicity;  and false advertising amongst others. Well, the adult hosting site’s battle against Google ended in… Read More

New WordPress Attack

Massive WordPress Attack Word has started to circulate that a massive WordPress hack is currently underway. Seemingly, the site’s administrative system has been hacked, and many users are locked out of blogs as a result. WordPress has not yet commented on the hack, but the news is starting to worry some bloggers. Expensive and cheap… Read More

Adult Websites And Hosting Issues

Adult Websites Hosting Remember when the internet was new? The sky was the limit when it came to content available. Now, the government and numerous groups with the help of lawyers can be found regulating it all, prompting web hosting companies to watch what content they’re hosting. Many companies won’t touch adult content with a… Read More

Best Adult Web Hosting Service Providers

 Who Are All The Best Adult Web Hosting Providers? Here is The top Adult Web Hosting and Adult Reseller Web-hosting services Provider Who is Providing Adult website hosting services with the Good reputation with Best Customer support(24*7) with good up-time 99.99% From more than 2 years continually are Listed below : Find More Adult Hosting… Read More