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about ananova.comAnanova is a research based project provides the basis for decision making in hosting industry to empower businesses, individuals, web developers, designers and many more. With SiteGeek Ananova is developing a software with the objective of analysis and data gathering to educate users in taking buying decisions. The system is proving to be more on the user prospective side as it allows reviews and provides real time reports. For its Visitors


Involves visitors/customers with multiple type of feedback modules and also LiveHelp available to interact directly with them. Visitors can discuss consistencies and inconsistencies, describe their problems, their point of view and concerns and thus plays a important role increasing in rating the various companies. They share issues and how they feel about the performance of particular company.

Live Help available provides Direct Feedback and provides the complete picture of the prospective and ideas. In-depth data is collected which guides the research team to follow and focus on specific topics.

Ananova looks for visitors to answer:

Communicate through individuals interaction is available on various social media groups like:




Article sessions are shared for discussion and brainstorming. It provides rapid feedback from users and generate product possibilities. They help in identifying missed or unnecessary information.

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Visitors can query the plans offered by various companies like

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