Top PHP Web Hosting Companies

Top PHP web hosting companies that give you a chance to enhance your visibility

If you really want to grow in your business industry or maintain your status symbol amongst your colleagues, than an individual or business website can be a life time opportunity for you. You just need to buy a personal domain name and host it on an open hosting server likewise: Linux or PHP hosting.

PHP hosting gives you a freedom of accessing your website from anywhere and implements the changes you want for it. This is highly user friendly, but a little bit of technical knowledge can enhance the functionality for you.

Well, there is a question on behalf of all non-technical persons that:

What is PHP web hosting?

PHP Hosting is a web hosting term that basically represents hosting inclusion with an open source scripting language PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor.

A web hosting always needs a scripting language that can access all server side calls and act over them without any discrepancy. That scripting language can be an open source script like: PHP or a paid Microsoft script like: ASP.

What are the essential Features of PHP web Hosting?

There are several general and business purpose, benefits already revealed earlier for the use of PHP hosting. Some of them are as follows:

  1. PHP is an easy to access HTML base scripting language.
  2. PHP can run on several platforms likewise: windows, Linux, IIS etc.
  3. PHP is an open source language that is freely available.
  4. PHP supports all essential databases like: MySQL, SQL etc.
  5. PHP supports most of the common platforms like: WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc.

Well, apart from it, the hosting providers are generally included several other features that will require for your web hosting and their easy access such as: cPanel, SSH, Bandwidth, Technical support etc.

Top 5 PHP web hosting companies

PHP Web HostingAccording to the essential features and customer’s feedback, we choose top 5 PHP hosting companies, that suits with the requirement of a customer and fulfil their desires as well. So, those hosting firms are as follows:

  1. iPage: One of the best hosting company that serves their hosting services with all latest version support in just $3.95/mo. They offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 live technical support. Their highly qualified technical stall always takes care of their data centres, which assures you for their reliability and performance.
  2. BlueHost: For the last 17 successful years, it serves award winning customer support to their customers with highly devoted technical staff. Their high configuration data centres assure you from the data theft and data loss and give you a reliable environment in just $6.95/mo.
  3. JustHost: In an affordable price of $4.45/mo, you will get award credits for all famous networking sites, SSH security, the latest version of PHP, user friendly cPanel and many more. JustHost is a reliable source of web hosting; now days and serves best services without any drawback and negative feedback.
  4. HostMonster: With several individual and business hosting plans, HostMonster entertains all users in just $4.95/mo (starting package). It includes all latest and essential features in all packages with a money back guarantee. They give live technical support through call, chat and mail.
  5. HostGator: It established in a single room, but now a days it known as a highly demanding hosting provider worldwide. Their affordable hosting services and 24/7 customer support helps a user to get rid off of the troubles of hosting and managing. They oblige their customers with highly technical assistance, easy user panel, navigable access and several other essential features in just $4.95/mo.

Search Web Hosting Choose As Per Your Requirements

Search Web Hosting More Easier With Sitegeek

SiteGeekSearch Web Hosting empowers individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching or Search Web Hosting solutions. is a trusted provider of current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and real user commentary.

SiteGeek is the Consumer Reports of web hosting – the trusted source anyone can go to for thorough, current, and honest reviews so they can make the most educated decisions and investments possible when you Search Web Hosting providers.

Using 24/7 tracking of over 40,000 web hosting providers, analyzes more than 100 data points, downtime, new, deleted and transferred domains, and social media sentiment to develop comprehensive, impartial reviews of web hosting providers that cannot be found anywhere else. is the only source for this type of data-driven, unbiased educational information, which is supplemented with real user reviews and comments.

All information is available for free to all visitors so they are empowered to make confident decisions on their web hosting investments. is a reliable source of information that users can depend on to help them distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and accurately compare their options.

It provides massive exposure of Hosting companies Increases customers awareness of products and services of Hosting companies. Allows Hosting companies to control their information. SiteGeek has signed up MOU with VeriSign and sharing its zone files for .net and .com and have extracted over 100 million domains. After careful analysis of those domains, IP's are being resolved, which are being searched for the companies associated with them.

Information Controlled by Hosting Companies

Companies are being provided with the control panel which allows controlling their information.

Contact Information:

Company Name, Year founded, Type of Company (Private or Public), Annual Revenue, No. of Employees, Website Name

Service Type:

Type of services offered by a company. Companies can select from Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Hosting offered by company belongs to one of the Service types.

Account Administrators:

Add, edit or delete users who have access to the administration of your company profile. Permissions are set by Master Administrator to define the roles of each of administrators. In big companies, each role is accomplished by separate departments who have fixed liabilities and roles.

Products and Services:

Hosting companies can add plans which are being displayed in Services Offered Section of SiteGeek. Before adding Products or Service, they need to create Hosting type and products are created under it. Customers can generate thousands of queries related to services of Hosting companies like Which are the Hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space? Which are the Hosting companies offering shared hosting in particular price brand? Comparison of the Services of the multiple companies can be done on the basis of price, bandwidth, disk space and many more such fields.

Contact Info and Offices:

Hosting companies can enter the location of their offices.

Job Opportunities:

Companies can list job opportunities, which is being displayed in company page in Tabs.

Press Releases:

Listing of all the press releases done by a company at various media channels. Press releases/media endorsements are being included as they give credibility to readers.


Lists all the awards won by a company by various organizations or websites.


To attract the visitors about facts and events like installation of new machines, new data center premises, conference. Photographs are captured and provided on SiteGeek with caption and description to provide information about the specified subject.

Information for Visitors


Information about company developments like user sentiments, up-time, changes in hosting sites, day-wise analysis of domains is attractively available in the form of bar-charts, pie-charts, diagrams and photographs of the company.

User Sentiments:

Public sentiments are everything, with it everything succeeds, without it, everything fails – Abraham Lincoln. Public opinion is included in terms of user sentiments on SiteGeek, which is playing a role of ‘shaping the thinking' of Hosting customers.

SiteGeek has evolved as multifaceted image building for various hosting industries. is coming up with the lead role of constantly informing about the policies, plans and latest development of Hosting companies for hosting customers and also in collecting the feedback from them. Feedback is based on SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) of the company.

 SiteGeek is playing a role of Public Relations in which it is evaluating the visitor's attitude with Reviews module. Also, researchers are involved in identifying policies and procedures of various hosting companies in the interest of customers and trying to measure the understanding and acceptance of them. plays a vital role in creating the environment between the visitors and hosting companies. Visitors opinion is supreme, thus SiteGeek is getting visitors participation in reviewing the various policies and procedures followed by Hosting companies.

The main objective with is come up with strengths and weaknesses of Hosting Companies. Most of the companies do need to excel up in one or two areas, to raise the competition to the top companies listed. We get emails from the Manager to list their companies up. We generate the reports affecting their position, once they start working on those factors, their ranking automatically starts creeping. is a site which looks at all the perspective parts, which most of the Hosting companies are not able to take care off, due to completely immersed in day-to-day assignments.

Hosting Company Review Report Card

On SiteGeek we have been grading Hosting company to come up with each dimension. The process is being repeated on competitors' companies also. This is helping us in understanding the relative strength of the Hosting companies in the marketplace.

SiteGeek had been working on to develop set of technologies to rate and review to make ease of Search Web Hosting companies. They are currently monitoring 100 million websites for and collecting stats for the 40k hosting companies worldwide with various parameters which includes

  • number of clients
  • a number of clients lost.
  • up time’s & down times
  • website speeds
  • popularity based on traffic
  • data from social media and overall sentiment analysis.

They have come up with a lot of other stats with all this big data we are collecting e.g. most popular CMS, largest hosting companies etc.

Following Systematic Way in SiteGeek

We have been working for last 3 months, to develop a system, which could educate the Hosting Customers in choosing the right Hosting company. The team of the researchers has been working on that to develop some systematic process, which could be followed to take decisions. Lot of work is going on a selection of characteristics which could be considered in the ranking process of branding. Its all the relationship with the customers, so we have included Reviews module. We are going to include the Newsletters provided by the company to deliver the benefits customers truly desire. In Hosting industry ‘Pricing' matters a lot, we are going to include Price Comparison module to reflect consumer's perception of value.