Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting SiteI've said it before and I'll say it again: I love what HostGator does when it comes to marketing. This company has all of its ducks (er, alligators?) in a row, and this is especially true when it comes to email marketing. Not only can we learn from HostGator how to market a cheap hosting site, but we can apply what HostGator does to other email marketing advice.

You have to incorporate effective email marketing tools into your ad campaign if you want to gain, entice, and keep readers interested. But, where do you start and what shouldn't you do? Let's begin with the absolute “Do Nots!” of email marketing.

Don't Do These Things

  1. Don't send off an email newsletter, note, or any other form of email marketing without reading through that email first. This sounds so very basic, but  – trust me – so many companies don't bother to check for spelling and grammar before sending out an email. This is a vital mistake that will make your company look less than competent.
  2. Don't assume that things will convert from Word (or any other format) well. See those strange symbols in some emails? That's because someone didn't do a conversion check.
  3. Don't be too proud to acknowledge a mistake. Did you make a mistake with an email you sent out to 500 people? It's okay! It happens! Just send out another email quickly correcting the mistake – and, hey, humor never hurts either.

Now, let's talk about what you should be doing.

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site: What To Do In A Direct Email

If you think about it, emails are a simple way of communicating something. Keep your eye on the word “simple” here. Don't cram an email with flashing buttons, arrows, and other loud text. Just get your point across – in a really clever way.

  1. The Subject Line. The subject line of an email is really important. For some reason, it's also often overlooked. This is where a good copywriter will help out a lot. Try to think of something clever, and when that clever line isn't happening, just keep it simple (and try to avoid using any “sales” words that might get picked up by a spam bot).
  2. Give ‘Em What They Want. Why do people unsubscribe from emails? Because you aren't telling them anything new.
  3. Know the difference between a promotional email and a newsletter – not the same thing, but all part of your campaign!
  4. Hire a professional copywriter. Really. Sending out client emails is a lot different than sending out casual emails – though the voice should be somewhat the same depending on your target market.

In the end, an email campaign that is properly conceived can make a lot of people happy. But, you have to know what you're doing – and make sure to test out those thoughts on other people!

Need help with your cheap hosting email marketing campaign? Ask away!

4 Things Your IT Staff Should Know About The Cloud

IT Staff Should Know About The Cloud

it staffIt doesn't matter if it's small or large, if you have one techie or a whole swarm of IT professionals — there are certain things your IT team should know about the cloud right away (and before you put them in charge of implementation!).

The cloud is often misunderstood, and even some IT professionals don't fully grasp its capabilities. So what should your IT staff or employee know about cloud hosting in order to assure a successful implementation?

1. IT Staff Should Know: The cloud is not more or less secure than other hosting options.

Don't let security concerns stop you from moving to the cloud. Cloud hosting is just as risky as shared or even dedicated hosting. Your in-house data center is just as susceptible to security breaches. Keep security as a priority every step of the way when planning your cloud strategy, whether public or private, and you'll be better protected.

Here's an example: you choose a traditional hosting method, and fill in your employees on the ins and outs of allowable sharing and collaboration. Those employees will likely turn to services like Dropbox and Google Docs, despite the plan you so carefully laid out.

If you plan a cloud strategy instead, you can allow employees to use whatever service they'd like. You're prepared in terms of security for whatever comes up along the way because you planned for it in the first place.

2. IT Staff Should Know: Don't rush into the cloud.

Although there are many options that seem easier than others, like AWS for example, it's not all cut and dry. You will need to spend a lot of time customizing solutions and integrating applications.

So the real trick is: take your time to find a cloud solution that will leave you the least amount of work. If your IT staff pushes you to jump on a solution because it's “quicker and easier,” you should be concerned.

3. IT Staff Should Know: A virtual hosting environment is not the same thing as the cloud.

The cloud is very different from virtualization. Although they were both designed to make the most of resources (while at the same time making things more efficient and streamlined), each method is unique.

The main difference: cloud computing is highly customizable at any point in time, and more of a service than an infrastructure. It isn't a one-size-fits all solution, whereas virtualization is often limited in this respect.

Another fact to point out: look at your needs closely, and then select the best option. If your IT department pushes you towards the cloud (and your use of the hosting environment is high), you might find virtualization is the cheaper way to go.

Just because the cloud is hot in the tech world doesn't mean everyone should be jumping on board.

4. IT Staff Should Know: The cloud won't fix everything.

So applications are running slow for your users. Does this mean the cloud will fix it all? Most certainly not. Before you move it all over to the cloud, you need to make sure it isn't a poor design that's causing the problem. If your IT staff hasn't done this prior to moving to the cloud, that's a problem.

Is your IT staff ready for the cloud?

Make Your Cloud Company Rain: 5 Ways To Attract New Cloud Business

Attract New Cloud Business

Cloud Company Rain Ways To Attract New Cloud BusinessIt can be hard to stand out as a cloud hosting company in a sea of big hosting names like Amazon. How can you compete against AWS and draw in new customers? It's not an easy road to take, but it's one that can become simpler to navigate if you take into account the following five cloud hosting tips.

Just one note before you read on: this article assumes that you've determined your target market. Don't be overly anxious and attempt to reach everyone. A niche market is always a paying and dedicated market, so do keep this in mind! Now, onto those tips…

5 Ways To Attract New Cloud Business:

1. The Power Of Social Media.

Offer something of value and customers will sign up. It's as simple as that. But wait, how can you let people find out about what you're offering? Use your social media accounts! It really is that simple. Come up with a special offer and post it to Facebook and Twitter, enticing people to find out what it's all about. Ultimately, this will end up in new clients signing up for your cloud hosting services.

2. Trade Shows And Conferences.

Set up a table at a tech conference, and offer materials for attendees to learn about your company and what it offers them. Talk to everyone that comes to the table and find a way to obtain their contact information. It isn't enough to wait for them to call you. Take control and contact them!

3. Host Your Own Events.

Run a “Getting To Know The Cloud” event periodically, allowing customers to learn what the cloud is all about. You can do this via video, through an online meeting, or in a real world setting. Keep it basic, the idea is to introduce people to the cloud as it really is.

Most people feel the cloud is an unsafe environment, while others don't know a thing about it at all. If you can get through to these people and teach them a thing or two about cloud infrastructure, they'll be more likely to jump on board.

They'll trust you much more than others because you do more than offer them a hosting solution. You took the time to explain why the cloud will work for their business, or why it wouldn't, and that means the world.

4. Get Involved.

Do something that has nothing to do with cloud hosting. Get out there and organize a community cleanup, help at an animal shelter, or host a charity event. Sometimes, the easiest way to attract new customers is to get out there and let them get to know you better. When you appear more human and don't try to sell them a hosting package, they'll be more apt to contact you down the road. Be sure to blog about the event, both before and after. Include some pictures of you lending a helping hand! HostGator is one company that's great at stepping outside of the hosting bounds!

5. Change.

Whether it's your website design, or adding to what your business has to offer, changing things up is always a good idea. Generate excitement about your new blog and social media accounts, and give something away, whether it's a free month, an add-on service at no cost, or even a Visa gift card.

Do you have a great way to attract new customers? We want to hear about it! Share it with us by commenting below.


Photo From Gonmi Via Flickr Creative Commons – Thanks!

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution

mcafee nsa device John McAfee Has A NSA SolutionEccentric millionaire John McAfee has a solution to NSA spying. McAfee has devised a device that creates small networks that are virtually impenetrable by the NSA. These networks will span approximately three blocks, and the only people that can sign into the networks are those that are part of those three blocks. As people move, the network will no longer be accessible.

This is an interesting idea that comes from the same man that create McAfee antivirus. You know, the antivirus that drives you completely bonkers around the clock if you work with a PC? Yeah, that McAfee – only the man has nothing to do with the actual antivirus now, and you can find a really interesting video on YouTube featuring John McAfee's methods for uninstalling the virus. That aside, how effective will the McAfee method be, and how does it impact hosting?

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution: Sparse Details

In true McAfee style, John McAfee hasn't revealed too much about this new device. At present, he's calling the device the DeCentral, and the device promises to prevent government spying – regardless of what hosting company you use. With this pocket-sized device, you can block any kind of outside surveillance, and that includes blocking your hosting company from seeing what you are doing on your site.

It's an interesting idea, isn't it? Is it one that will work? Really, the concept is simple enough, but it's tough to say whether or not the NSA will allow the same of McAfee's latest device. In response to that query, McAfee has told press that he'll just sell the DeCentral device in other markets if it doesn't pass the U.S. government scrutiny.

While some love this idea, others wonder whether or not McAfee is working with the government to capture persons of interest instead of actually working against the government – it can be hard to tell. Either way, McAfee's design is complete, and now he's just looking for some hardware developers – know any?

What's Happening With the NSA?

Ever since the activities of the NSA came to light, the government has come under a lot of fire with companies like Google and with individuals. Right now, there are a lot of court battles happening with no real outcomes as of yet. In the future, though, you can expect to see a lot of news surrounding the NSA surface. Some of that news will certainly be about McAfee's newest invention too.

Even though he's something of a legend (for various reasons), McAfee aims to tackle the NSA issue with a small device that will retail for around $100. When that device arrives in the U.S. or elsewhere, we will let you know where you can get it and how, exactly, it works (or if it works).

What do you think about McAfee's latest stances against the NSA? Is this device feasible, welcomed, or even something that you would purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

 McFee Review

Most Trusted Windows Hosting Providers

Trusted Windows Hosting Providers

Windows Hosting ProvidersMost probably people use Microsoft windows for their desktop but not much aware to set up a windows server. Today many hosting companies are providing several platforms for users and Windows Web Hosting is also liked by many companies and users.

Microsoft develops Windows Server; Windows Server supports such programming and database that are required for Web Hosting. It is easy to manage and use tools that are provided by Microsoft to develop and implement web hosting services. A database website can be developed with using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL. It’s also support PHP and MySQL.

Windows server runs on high configurations machines; regularly updating security patches and programs help users to secure and solve problems in developing applications.

Most Trusted Windows Hosting Providers

The reason why Windows Hosting Providers are the most trusted ones all around the world is that they are the most popular platform for hosting services without any doubts. That is very true as it has been reported that about 80% of the world uses Windows. This means most users are well conversant with Windows and they find it easier to work on its hosting platform as well. Hence the learning curve of a Windows hosting user is lesser than any other hosting users!

One more factor that adds in favor of using Windows Hosting Providers is that it is the best platform to support PHP. This certainly makes internet users and website administrators simply demand Windows hosting services. There is no need to explain that PHP is a smart choice of web designing because of its brilliant performance. This gives Windows a sharp edge over any other hosting services.

In continuation to this it has to be mentioned that while employing ASP for designing the pages of a website, developers often fall back on Windows Hosting Providers. The .NET framework gives a site better with efficient presentation. In this light of discussion it has to be added that this kind of hosting lends complete support to MySQL database too. This is surely another explanation why Windows serve as a good host to its users!

Another basis would be to speak in terms finances and Windows Hosting Providers are not expensive at all. In fact the market is brimming with reasonable providers who offer excellent services for a mere payment. It is just a fad that people think it to be costly as Windows is a widely OS, which is why the hosting services are not at all dear. Of course the competition is fierce for any hosting provider and if they charge extra while providing the same kind of services, they will soon be put of business. This becomes one more cause to support Windows as hosting providers.

In a way it can be stated that Windows Hosting Providers are the most sought after providers. Regular update of sites makes the operation not only smooth but also safe. It is quite evident that they best with beginners, the load that Windows as a host can take is huge, control panel is easy to use which is based on DotNet and all this only means

that Windows hosting users get full values for their money. All these are enough to make this kind of hosting service really well known all across the globe with ease of access additionally. So there are more pros than cons while using this kind of a hosting service and there are no doubts about it. In short it should be cited that investing in this hosting service is worth the time and energy spent. There is no need to add anymore to this as all the above mentioned reasons are more than enough to make it the most happening and famous hosting providers of the world.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 enhancements include stretch database, temporal tables, native JSON support, and query tables. It easily support hybrid hosting scenarios and provide a better platform for performance monitoring, data auditing and trend analysis.