Linux WebHosting

Factors to Consider Before You Signup For  Linux WebHosting: In today’s world it has become very common for people to create their personal website; whether it is for business or just to explore their hobby. No matter what the purpose of the website, all of them require a common factor i.e webhosting aor a platform… Read More

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Cheap web hosting providers Cheap web hosting providing companies offer cheap hosting services to customers. Among the leading companies when it comes to offering cheap web hosting services include: Arvixe web hosting, WebhostingPad, Go Daddy web hosting, Site 5 hosting, Just Host, In Motion hosting, i Page hosting, Host Monster, Blue Host and Host Gator… Read More

What Cheap Hosting and Employee Respect Have In Common

Cheap Hosting and Employee Respect Not taking the time to go through a complete cheap hosting comparison is a mistake. It’s also a mistake to assume that all cheap hosting sites are the same — or act the same. Well, this is how you should view your employees too.   When it comes to hiring… Read More

How To Avoid A Hosting Horror Show

Hosting Horror Show Your small business has a website through a cheap hosting and domain provider. Things have been going well for you, and your website is generating quite the revenue. Suddenly, you aren’t receiving emails. After that issue is corrected (which points out the issue of poor support, as it took you days to… Read More

How to Use #Hashtags for Your Small Business

#Hashtags for Your Small Business Hashtags aren’t just for snarky teens. If you’re not using hashtags to promote your business, you could really be missing out. Setting up a cheap hosting account and taking the time to go through a cheap hosting comparison chart is a step in the right direction. But, none of those… Read More

Steps To Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks Cyber attacks inundate news reports, damaging both bank accounts of individuals and reputations of businesses. How are hackers able to do it, and how can you assure your business is protected from this debilitating threat?  Here are some signs that it’s time to beef up your business’ cyber security… Read More

Online Marketing Campaign: Prep For Success

Online Marketing Campaign Your small business is planning an online marketing campaign, all in an effort to put your small business on the map to grow into something great. Maybe you’re a lesser-known startup who’s just looking to get the word out to begin to build a broader customer base. Whatever the reason for your… Read More

How Fast Should Your Website Load?

Your main Facebook page loads in 0.7 seconds. That’s fast. What about the site that you’re about to set up? How Fast Should Your Website Load? Does it matter what cheap hosting site you use? Take a look!   Cheap Hosting Site Choice Does Matter! Fact: the average person will leave a website that takes more… Read More

IT Spring Cleaning: Top 5 Tips

Spring has sprung! In the midst of cleaning your windows and getting rid of cobwebs, save some time for trimming your IT department, IT Spring Cleaning. Cutting back IT costs can save any small business much needed cash. Here are the top five ways to spring clean the IT side of your business.  1. Compare… Read More

TLD: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

TLD Overview Can choosing the right TLD be helpful when it comes to SEO strategies? Not at all. There are some things you can do with your domain name to rank a bit higher in a search engine, but it has nothing to do with the TLD you choose after doing a cheap hosting comparison. … Read More

Kids Are Dumber Than Ever: New Study Finds

Kids Are Dumber Than Ever WhoIsHostingThis .com (a company that exposes the names of cheap hosting companies behind various websites) conducted a recent survey that shows just how addicted kids are to the Internet. This addiction is bad, the survey points out, because it is making kids stupid. Whoa. That seems like a somewhat biased… Read More

Sex and the City Author’s Email Accounts Hacked

Email Accounts Hacked Most of us don’t think about email accounts until something happens. I’m betting ‘Sex and the City’ author, Candace Bushnell, wasn’t worried about sending the first 50 pages of her new manuscript to her publisher until her email accounts were hacked. The first half of the new book ‘Killing Monica’ was leaked… Read More

Pingdom Looks At Onshore Web Hosting Stats

Pingdom Looks At Onshore Web Hosting Stats When doing your cheap hosting comparison prior to choosing a cheap hosting plan, are you picky about the country in which your website will be hosted? Pingdom, the same website that wondered where the top million sites worldwide were hosted, wanted to know how many people prefer going… Read More

Go Daddy: Create A Website In The Time It Takes To Finish A Cup Of Coffee

Go Daddy Create A Website Think building a website is complicated? Then you might benefit from Go Daddy’s ‘Cup of Coffee’ campaign, just launched in India, to demonstrate to small business owners how simple building a website to grow your business truly is. Their slogan: ‘Get a web presence / create a website in the… Read More

Best Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting Providers

Unlimited Web Hosting Services Providers Most of the Best Web Hosting Companies offer their Clients Unlimited Web Hosting services so that clients can use the Hosting Services without any hesitation. A real unlimited web hosting service allows unlimited use all the features below: Domains: With Add-On Domain feature host any number of domains. Sub domains:… Read More

The End Of Google Checkout

The End Of Google Checkout It looks like Google is throwing in the towel on its Google Checkout service, the cloud hosting payment service similar to eBay’s popular PayPal service. The service will be shutting down on November 20, and anyone with an account must move their funds to an alternative payment processing service by… Read More

Dell Ditches Public Cloud

Dell Ditches Public Cloud Dell has announced in a press release that it will be moving from a public cloud platform to selling cloud services through partners. This is a bit surprising – you may remember our report on OpenStack hosting, listing Dell as one of its major partners. However, it has been confirmed. The… Read More

5 Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Limitations We’re always talking about the advantages of cloud hosting on this blog, but I want you to be thoroughly informed. If you plan on moving your business to the cloud, you need to know the truth from every angle, right? Nothing is perfect – including the cloud. Whether you choose a cheap… Read More

When it Comes to the Cloud: Money Rules

For Cloud: Money Rules Small businesses tend to fear cloud hosting. Mostly, this is due to the concern that moving documents to the cloud means taking a security risk. But, the money that can be saved by moving operations to the cloud is starting to outweigh those potential risks.  According to a Bloomberg report, economics… Read More

Best Monthly Web Hosting Providers

Best, Cheap Paid Monthly Web Hosting? Countless web hosting service providers have stated that they prefer Cheap Monthly Web Hosting schemes over the others. Now locating Monthly Hosting service providers is not an easy thing to do; as most of them promise to give very reliable services but end up giving very substandard services. Some… Read More